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Whether you are a regular commuter who is looking for a cost-saving means of transportation or someone who would invest in the commuting business in Nigeria, this is a post for you! So how to choose your best commercial cars for commuting in Nigeria? Check out now!


Without a doubt, most Nigerians use a commercial vehicle for their daily commute to their different places of work. This is because many don't have a car, and even those who do own wheels may sometimes also prefer commercial transportation. The reason for this is two-fold:

  • Traffic congestion in cities like Lagos, etc.
  • The affordability of fueling a private car daily.

As a result of this, both car owners and non-car owning Nigerians prefer to use the best commercial cars for commuting in Nigeria to get to work. This demand from Nigerians has increased the need of cars required for commercial use. Generally, commercials vehicles tend to boost our transportation system as they help to convey goods and services around the country.

What is a commercial car?

Nigeria as a country has embraced the idea of road transportation as its biggest transportation network. Commercial cars are a big part of that. What are they exactly?

Commercial cars are vehicles that convey persons from point A to B for an amount of money called the fare. Of course, one important destination for most people is work. Therefore, cars for commuting can be found in every neighborhood, street, and major town within the country.


Nigeria cannot function without commercial cars

Types of Commercial cars in Nigeria

When we say "commercial cars in Nigeria," we actually mean commercial vehicles. This is because all types of vehicle types are used commercially in Nigeria. Some types of commercial cars/vehicles in use around the country are:


Danfo refers to the commonly used Volkswagen Vanagon bus. Other brands may also be used as Danfo. It is also popularly known as the "danfo bus" and is common to Lagos where most of its conductors always look for an opportunity to humble any furious passenger.

In Lagos State, industrial and commercial workers are in a hurry to get to their working place on time. The commercial drivers and their conductors work hard to convey people to their various destinations.

However, you shouldn’t wake up to disrupt their activities with controversial topics, and excuses, as you may receive a fire back from the conductor, or any other passenger.

Kabu Kabu

These are pseudo-private cars used for commercial commuting purposes. Though not painted the required state colors for commercial taxis, yellow for Lagos, green for Abuja, they are very useful in taking people to short distant destinations.

Regular Taxis

Painted the required state colors, they take people wherever they need to be in the state. They are usually expensive and the experienced drivers will squeeze the last Naira out of you, so watch out!

Ride-Hailing Services Taxis

These are fairly new. They are private cars licensed by ride-hailing services like Uber and Taxify. You will need to install an App in your smartphone to access this service. They are usually punctual, cheap, and organized.

Airport Taxis

Airport Taxis service Nigeria's airports exclusively to convey arriving passengers into the city. They are usually expensive, as they believe everyone flying is rich.

Best commercial cars for commuting in Nigeria

Now we know what types of commercial commuting cars are available, what are the normal cars these services use?

If you need to buy a car or cars for commercial commuting in Nigeria, you might find yourself battling with indecision.

Commercial drivers make their choices of cars based on individual perspectives about the vehicle in question. When you meet a commercial car dealer, he/she will tend to advise you based on your choice of view. However, every car dealer will always seek the patronage of their potential buyers. Hence, they will tend to convince you into buying a car that will favor their interest mostly.

Therefore, you ought to complete a purchase from certified and licensed commercial car dealerships. Reliable car dealers are not looking for the downfall of their customers. It is smart to utilize the services of reputable car companies. With the Coronavirus pandemic, you can choose to buy a car online using a credible online auto service such as

Such good dealerships and online services always try as much as they can to render fast and efficient services to clients, including commercial car rental.

Reliable car dealers believe so much in building a better relationship with their customers rather than painting their brand name black. When you decide to purchase your commercial cars for commuting, you should consider the following cars:

1. Volkswagen Vento

Volkswagen is a German company that has manufactured a series of cars in the automobile world. The Volkswagen Vento model is an example of commercial 5 seater cars.

It has become a popular car model of Volkswagen commonly used in Nigeria and other parts of the world. The first model of the Volkswagen Vento was manufacture in 1992, and it was called the Volkswagen Vento A3.

After the success of this model, the company moved ahead to produce other models of the Volkswagen Vento. The latest of this brand is known as the Volkswagen Vento BS6.

External designs of the Volkswagen Vento

  • The Volkswagen Vento is designed to have accommodating four doors.
  • The bonnet in every model of Volkswagen Vento is almost the same.
  • The trunk of this brand of Volkswagen differs from each model. You can select any model of Volkswagen Vento based on your choice of color as they come in several colors.

Internal Feature of the Volkswagen Vento

Just like every other car used for commercial use and beyond, Vento’s interior design is unique and attractive.

  • It has an arrangement of two separate seats at the front second section and a single bigger seat at the back section to accommodate its passengers.
  • The Volkswagen Vento is also equipped with safety airbags to guarantee the safety of its users.
  • It can come in either manual or automatic mode.

Fuel Economy of the Volkswagen Vento

The Volkswagen Vento is fuel-efficient. What this implies is that you can comfortably make a lot of profit when you use it for commercial purposes.

Maintenance and repair cost of the Volkswagen Vento

The maintenance and repair cost depends on the mechanic in charge of the repair. But generally, the cost of maintaining the Volkswagen Vento is averagely low.

Cost Price of the Volkswagen Vento

The cost price of Volkswagen Vento depends on the commercial car dealership rendering the service. Generally, the cost price of new vehicles is always higher than tokunbo cars. Finding a new Volkswagen Vento in Nigeria may not be an easy task. However, some genuine car dealers can still link you up to something similar.

The prices for Vento vary from models, and it ranges between 300, 000, and 1.5 million.   


The Volkswagen Vento has good fuel economy, making it ideal for commercial use

2. Volkswagen Golf 3 

This model of Volkswagen is popular among commercial drivers in Nigeria. People decide to use this vehicle often for commercial use because of its efficiency on Nigerian roads. It is also a great commute car for students in Nigeria.

External features of the Volkswagen Golf 3

  • It comes with the usual car bonnet with SUV like trunk shape.
  • It has 4-door entrance doors that allow you to access the inside.
  • It comes in several colors.
  • It's strong enough to run on Nigerian high ways.

Internal features of the Volkswagen Golf 3 

  • It can come as a manual or automatic.
  • It has 2-single seats in the front section and a long-seat at the back-role.
  • Its inner mirror allows you to access moving objects behind you.
  • Its trunk can contain a large number of goods.

The maintenance cost of the Volkswagen Golf 3

The maintenance and repair cost of this car is comparatively low. The commercial car parts are also available and accessible in most automobile shops. The Golf requires proper maintenance to keep its operations intact.

Fuel Economy of the Volkswagen Goff 3

The Volkswagen Goff 3 consumes less fuel when compared with other vehicles.

Cost Price of the Volkswagen Golf 3

The cost price of this car varies in the market. Your estimation of this example of small commercial cars should be within the range of ₦300,000 and ₦1.5 million.

Volkswagen-Golf 3

One of Nigeria's most-used cars commercially is the Volkswagen Golf 3

3. 1999 Mazda 121

Mazda is another car brand that is used for commercial activities in Nigeria. The 1999 Mazda 121 model is cheap and reliable for commercial use.

External features of the Mazda 121

  • It has just 2-doors.
  • Its tires can withstand the nature of the Nigerian roads.

Internal features of the Mazda 121

  • It has 2-single seats arranged in the front section. These seats are adjustable.
  • Its single-long seat can accommodate at least three people seated in the back section.
  • The trunk can contain a high capacity of commodities at a time.

Fuel Economy of the Mazda 121

Mazda 121 requires less fuel for its operation, and it aids commercial activities in Nigeria.

Maintenance cost of the Mazda 121

The maintenance cost of this car is averagely low, and its spare parts are readily available in the Nigerian Market.

Cost price of the Mazda 121

The cost of the purchase is estimated between 1 million and 250,000. However, this price highly depends on the car dealer.


It's small but rugged. See the Mazda 121

4. Volkswagen Jetta

This model of Volkswagen is designed mainly for rugged roads. The car requires fewer maintenance techniques to perform accurately.

External Features of the Volkswagen Jetta

  • It comes in a 4-door external design.
  • Its tires are strong enough to withstand Nigerian roads.
  • It comes in several colors.

Internal features of the Volkswagen Jetta

  • It has 2-single seats arranged in the front row.
  • The single long seat located in the back section can accommodate at least three people in the back section.
  • The trunk can accept a certain amount of cargo or load.

Fuel Economy of the Volkswagen Jetta

The Volkswagen Jetta guarantees low fuel consumption during its operation.

Maintenance cost of the Volkswagen Jetta

The maintenance cost of this car is averagely low, and its spare parts are readily available in the Nigerian market. When you buy this car, you may not often need the services of Nigeria's best mechanics.

Cost price of the Volkswagen Jetta

The cost of purchase depends on the dealer. Generally, the cost price is estimated between 3 million and 500,000. This price range depends on the condition of the car at the time of sale. You can obtain a commercial car loan to secure this car as well.


The Volkswagen Jetta was a queen of the '90s and still popular for commercial use

5. Toyota Sienna 

The Toyota Sienna is one of Nigeria's most popular models of commercial 7 seater cars. This minivan is often used for long distant, interstate commercial transportation. 

External Features of the Toyota Sienna 

  • It comes in a 4-door external design.
  • It's a strong car able to withstand Nigerian road.
  • It comes in a choice of colors.

Internal features of the Volkswagen Jetta

  • It comes fitted with 3 rows of seats, seating between 7-8 people.
  • The 2nd and 3rd-row seats located in the back section can accommodate at least 4-6 people in the back sections.
  • The trunk can accept a certain amount of cargo or load. You may also fold the 3rd-row seat for even larger cargo space.

Fuel Economy of the Toyota Sienna 

The Toyota Sienna has very low fuel consumption, and that is why it is a favorite for long-distance travel.

Maintenance cost of the Toyota Sienna 

The maintenance of this car is on the low side. You may also get its spare parts in the Nigerian market.

Cost price of the Toyota Sienna 

Get the Toyota Sienna between ₦20 million and 500,000. This range is dependent on the year model of the car, its condition, and even the dealer of the car at the time of sale. You can use a commercial car loan to buy the Toyota Sienna.


Toyota Sienna: Nigeria's number one minivan, and a great commercial choice

Alternative options

If you don’t prefer the above-listed cars, there are alternatives cars such as the Toyota Camry, the Toyota Corolla (Used for Airport Taxi service, and ride-hailing service), Volkswagen Sharan, Mazda 323, and a lot more. These can stand as alternative options.

By the way, these cars in the video may not be so popular in Nigeria yet but they made the list of top commercial vehicles:

2018 Top 3 Best Commercial Vehicles

Find your Commercial vehicle price list

Below is a recap of the above-mentioned cars:

Commercial vehicle price list here
 Model  Link
 Toyota Sienna  Toyota Sienna for sale in Nigeria
 Volkswagen Vento  Volkswagen Vento for sale in Nigeria
 Volkswagen Golf 3  Volkswagen Golf 3 for sale in Nigeria
 Volkswagen Jetta  Volkswagen Jetta for sale in Nigeria
 Mazda 121  Mazda for sale in Nigeria


The cars listed above are perfect for commercial activities as they suit Nigerian weather in all ramifications. You can always find these commercial cars for sale. You can also go for a commercial car lease. Anyway, go ahead and contact any genuine seller with your location and get a commercial vehicle price list. You may then complete your purchase of the best commercial cars for commuting in Nigeria.

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