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If you need a car to tuck your kids in while you are on the way to work, with enough space and comfort, then we have a list of top cars with best child car seats for you!

It is not easy as a parent to shop for a car that suits your taste and also caters to the car seat you need for your kids. Finding a car that can perfectly accommodate your children can be twice as hard as satisfying yourself. To get a child-friendly car, you would have to consider one that has value, is versatile, spacious, safe, secure, and is very suitable for infant or child seat connections. Child safety seats, also known as booster seats, serve as passive restraints and can be very effective in protecting kids.

There are several vehicles in the market today. However, not all are designed with LATCH systems (Lower Anchors and Tethers for children) or for families with infants and young children.

This is why this article has compiled the Top 7 cars that have best child car seats. If you intend to go shopping for a car designed with children in mind, you can easily make a choice from the list below. They are the best car seat-friendly vehicles to choose from for your family. 


Can you guess which cars these are?

1. Volkswagen Atlas

This Volkswagen Atlas is a three-row SUV popularly called the ‘wagon for folks’. It is a seven-seater car model, designed to perfectly accommodate your children's car seats.

With its incredibly massive roomy interior, lots of headroom, super comfortable headrest, and a panoramic sunroof, you will enjoy a great driving experience with your family. It is big, airy, and gives a comfortable feel.



The Volkswagen Atlas provides enough room for your kids to sit comfortably

You can install your child car seats through the LATCH system, however, you need to note that the LATCH can only be used until your child is about 40 pounds but afterward, the seat belt must be used.

There is the ease of access in and out of the car. The car has been designed for your convenience, so, you don’t have to worry whether or not your child is in the second or third row. The second-row seats can be slid forward or tilted even with the child car seats.

It also has amazing safety features designed to meet the needs every family would love in a car.

2. Honda Pilot

The Honda Pilot is an awesome vehicle with large passenger space. It is a three-row SUV that offers three full sets of LATCH connectors in multiple rows of seating and is available in both seven and eight-seater capacity. Its versatility, combined with its great interior trunk and space, will enable you to install your child car seats with ease.


A favorite among Nigerian road users, the Honda Pilot is an ideal family car

With Pilot’s design, there is also the ease of access to go in and out of the car. It is very roomy with lots of headroom and is spacious enough to contain passengers and cargo. There is enough legroom for both the driver and other seat-row passengers.

Although it doesn’t have three full LATCH connections in one single row, it can adequately fit up to five car seats. The Honda Pilot handles really well and it can move on paved roads or tougher off-road terrains and still give you a smooth ride experience.

The Honda car is a great city and highway hauler so; you can take your family on those short or long family trips. 

3. Ford Explorer

It would be an understatement to say that the Ford Explorer, is an amazing family car and the most desired SUVs in the market to fit child seats conveniently. The Ford Explorer is known for its fabulously eye-catching design. It is a three-row SUV that has the capacity to seat up to seven people and also has incredible tethers and LATCH anchors.


A sleek design, a spacious cabin are just a few of the things that set this car apart

You can install up to three car seats in each row with the product like the combi car seats. It is adequately equipped to accommodate your child’s car seat with its regular and inflatable seat belts which have built-in airbags. It has child safety rear door locks and row airbags for all passengers.

The Ford Explorer has ample interior space and offers comfort for both the driver and the passengers. It comes with a sporty design option, supportive functions, added ventilation, comfort as well as a strong engine to give you that satisfying driving experience. 

4. Toyota Highlander

If you are a parent that desires quiet and comfortable rides with your children, a car like the Toyota Highlander is a great choice. As this Toyota Highlander 2006 review points out, this crossover is a popular choice in Nigeria any day.

The latest model is a seven-seater SUV that fits two child seats per row. The interior cabin materials are high-end. The highlander is available in several trims and even comes in a hybrid model. It has captain chairs and enables easy access into the car and the third row.


Great fuel efficiency, ample space, and reliability; we are not surprised, it is Toyota!

It is an all-wheel-drive affair with convenience, as well as safety features like seat belt buckles, two sets of LATCH connectors, ample legroom, adaptive cruiser control, audio auto, Apple CarPlay, 12.3-inch touchscreen, USB charging ports, a moon roof, and large cargo space.

The rear seat has great temperature control, awesome cooling systems, entertainment, and the Entune infotainment system including a small child-friendly table. The Highlander is great for your family adventures. It can accommodate your cargo and also meets your family needs.

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5. Subaru Ascent

Subaru Ascent is a large family vehicle that lists comfort, elegance, and versatility in its description. It is a top pick for its efficient safety features called Eyesight.

The Ascent is a standard all-wheel-drive with roomy passenger and cargo space. It is perfectly designed to fit small children in the rear or front-facing car seats and it has wide rear doors for easy access in and out of the vehicle. You can easily install your child's car seat.


Even though it is not very common in Nigeria, the Subaru Ascent is a good car for the family

When it comes to strapping your child in the backseat, you can use child restraints and LATCH systems. Some of its features include driver assist, automatic emergency pre-collision braking, active lane assist control, steering responsive headlights, and adaptive cruise control.

With Subaru's amazing features, all you need to do is enjoy an awesome ride on the go with your kids. 

6. Nissan Pathfinder

With Nissan Pathfinder, your family will enjoy some of the best comfort, enhanced safety, and technological features in the market. It is a 7-passenger SUV with a stylish outlook. It has an impressive fuel economy and is perfect for hauling both passengers and cargo. It comes in a range of four trims, each available in two-wheel or four-wheel drive.

Its versatility is designed to make family life easier such as its great cargo capacity, power engine, and its heated and cooled seats. You can fit up to three car seats in the second row.


The Nissan Pathfinder has been around for a while and it is very reliable.

The Pathfinder is designed to afford more room for both kids and adults regardless of where they are sitting. Accessing the third row is not a struggle due to its standard Latch and glide system. You can see how great the Pathfinder is for your everyday driving from this 2005 Nissan Pathfinder review.

7. Chevrolet Traverse

Nothing pleases parents more than being able to haul their kids, work, or sports equipment into one vehicle, and still enjoy comfort and safety. Chevrolet Traverse is that amazing choice for carpooling kids. It is a three-row SUV that is highly spacious, comfortable, safe, and secure. It is an all-wheel-drive that can seat up to eight passengers. It offers smart glide in the second-row passenger seat to enable easy access in and out of the car.

You can buy and install your child car seats with ease and even fit three car seats in the third row if you have a lot of kids.


The last to join the top cars with best child car seats is the Chevrolet Traverse

The Chevrolet Traverse is highly reliable. It can help keep you and your kids on track and in touch in the car. You can drive with confidence as the Transverse offers passenger sensing system which includes sensor indicator, front passenger and child presence detector, lane departure warning, forward collision alert, blind-spot zone alert, a rearview camera, rear cross-traffic alert, and ultrasonic sensors.

The Transverse keeps you and your family connected, safe, at ease, and entertained as you go on those family rides.

Check out the best car types for child safety seats here in the video: 

Video: Best Car Types for Car Seats

Summing up

Finding the most suitable car for your family is quite an important task. You can make a choice from these cars above as they are reliable, efficient, versatile, safe, and comfortable. You just want to make sure that you’re able to properly fix and install the child car seats you buy in your desired car choice.

For your child’s safety and comfort, get the best car for your child's car seats. You would also have a satisfying driving experience as you go on those happy trips with your family.  Apart from active and passive restraints in the vehicle, remember to also get original accessories like the car seat headrest and the car seat covers when purchasing your children's car seats.

Top 7 cars with best child car seats
 Number Car Model
 1  Volkswagen Atlas
 2  Honda Pilot
 3  Ford Explorer
 4  Toyota Highlander
 5  Subaru Ascent
 6  Nissan Pathfinder
 7  Chevrolet Traverse

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