Top 10 best cars of 2019 & their models for sale in Nigeria


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Want to know the top, most ranked, best cars in the world for the year 2019? We have the list, read about the top 10 world's best cars of 2019 here now!

Just as Naijauto has initially brought you guys reports on the 2019 best luxury SUVs and their official prices,  We are back with a list of the top 10 best cars of 2019!

Yes, we wait for all of the world's experts to carry out their various tests and research then, we collect the most reliable results they provide and bring them to you guys in order to save you time and money when it comes to automobiles related decisions. Isn’t that just cool?

How to be listed in Top best cars of the year 2019?

Just recently, Consumer Reports released their list of 2019 top cars on sale in the U.S. This non-profit publication company selected 10 different vehicles from 2019 top picks with each of them representing different segments of the automobile market.

Keep in mind that a vehicle must have proven itself worthy before it could be picked by Consumer Reports. Any vehicle picked, would have shown outstanding performances all-around in terms of consumer satisfaction, predicted reliability, safety and stringent road testing that is normally done by the publication company itself.


Several rigorous tests have to be passed before any vehicle model can make it to the Consumer Reports' top list

The road test regime for the Consumer Report publication always features series of different tests for the evaluation of a vehicle’s fuel economy over about 6,000 miles, safety, convenience, comfort, handling, and braking. Also, these vehicles are purchased from random dealerships anonymously to ensure transparency.

In this year 2019 test; safety took the topmost priority. As a matter of fact, for the publication’s top honours this year, only cars that featured a standard automatic emergency braking were considered.

President and CEO of the Consumer Reports publications, Marta Tellado, in a press statement said;

"Safety should always be standard, not a luxury reserved only for those who can afford it"

She also said that;

"Automatic emergency braking has proven to reduce crashes and save lives. We believe it should be standard in all new cars, just as backup cameras are today"

Now, here comes the much-anticipated list itself.

Top 10 best cars of 2019 with overall guaranteed quality

All the top 10 cars featured on the list below were picked from a price range of a little under ₦6.5 million to over ₦24.5 million. Here is the list of the top 10 best cars of 2019, according to Consumer Reports:

1. Audi A4 - Compact luxury car

The Audi A4 is at the top end of the most affordable compact luxury sedan on this list with the latest model coming at a starting price of ₦17.6 million (No shipment included).

>>> If you can't buy a brand new, check out all our affordable listings of Audi A4 for sale in Nigeria.


The Audi A4 might be a little costly but it is definitely a luxury compact sedan that tops the list in 2019

2. BMW X5 - Luxury SUV

The BMW X5 is the most luxurious SUV that tops the entire list for this year 2019.

The latest model comes with a ₦24.7 million ($68,730) base price but you can get other models here on Naijauto from out listings of BMW X5 SUVs for sale in Nigeria.


The BMW X5 is the best-rated luxury SUV for 2019

3. Ford F-150 - Full-size pickup truck

The Ford F-150 did really well in maintaining its reputation by wining its spot as the best full-size pickup truck of the year 2019 just as always. The latest model has a starting price of ₦18.9 million ($52,535). We, however, have its older models for lesser price in our listings of Ford F-150 truck for sale in Nigeria.


The Ford F-150 beats all other trucks to take up its spot as the best full-size pickup truck for 2019

4. Hyundai Kona - Subcompact SUV

The Hyundai Kona interestingly beats all other subcompact SUVs tested in its category for this year 2019. The latest model carries a starting price of ₦9 million ($25,025).

>>> Let's check for Prices of Hyundai cars in Nigeria (Update in 2019), including both new and used versions!


This is the Hyundai Kona – rated as best subcompact SUV of 2019

5. Subaru Ascent - Midsize SUV

If you the type that has fallen for the new wave of midsize SUV, the new Subaru Ascent should be your target ride if you seek the best for the year 2019. The latest model has a base price of ₦15.8 million ($43,867).


The all-new Subaru Ascent stepped on all competitors to become the 2019 best midsize SUV

6. Subaru Forester - Compact SUV

Subaru really shines by having two of its SUV making it to this list. The Subaru Forester, however, wasn’t competing with the Ascent but instead took its own spot as the best compact SUV for 2019. Its latest model carries a price tag of ₦10.6 million ($29,341) as the base price.

>>> Check out our listings of Subaru Forester SUVs for sale in Nigeria.


Another Subaru SUV on the list is the Forester that won the spot of the best compact SUV of 2019

7. Toyota Avalon Hybrid - Large car

If there was ever a list of best cars in any year without a Toyota car, then something must be wrong 😊.

The new Toyota Avalon Hybrid dominated to become the top-rated Toyota on the list as the best large car of 2019. Its starting price is ₦13.9 million ($38,643) excluding shipping and clearing costs.

The Hybrid version is not yet available on the local auto market but you can check out other versions from our huge listings of Toyota Avalon for sale in Nigeria.


The Toyota Avalon (Hybrid) is tested and rated as the best large car of 2019

8. Toyota Camry Hybrid - Midsize car

Toyota again?

That’s right. The Toyota Camry Hybrid took on and dropped all other midsize hybrids in its category to become the 2019 best midsize car with its latest model starting at a ₦10.4 million ($28,949) base price.

You can check out all other versions of the Camry from our huge listings of Toyota Camry for sale in Nigeria.


The Toyota Camry Hybrid is the 2nd car from Toyota on the list – and its rated 2019 best midsize car

9. Toyota Prius - Hybrid/electric car

Yet another Toyota, right?

With a starting price of ₦9.8 million ($27,323), the new Toyota Prius topped as the 2019 best Hybrid/electric car.


This is the Toyota Prius – rated as 2019 best Hybrid/electric car

10. Toyota Yaris iA - Subcompact car

And for the last car on the list, it’s another Toyota!

The Japanese automaker did pack 4 different positions on the list for this year 2019 with its Toyota Yaris being rated as the 2019 best subcompact car pegged at a base price of just ₦6.3 million ($17,570).

Check out all other non-hybrid versions of the Yaris from our listings of Toyota Yaris for sale in Nigeria.


The Toyota Yaris iA makes the 4th car from the automaker on the list and its rated as 2019 best subcompact car

10 Best Cars of 2019

Our Take

Now, you have it. The above-listed cars are the world's top 10 best cars of 2019 so far.

Meanwhile, apart from all of the car models listed above, we still have a load of more quality guaranteed cars in our huge collection of New, Tokunbo, and Nigerian used cars for sale in Nigeria. we advise that you check them out today to grab the best deal on your dream car before its too late.

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