5 Best Cars for Small Business Owners in Nigeria


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Running a small business in Nigeria requires a lot of mobility with some special vehicles. Read on to discover 5 best cars for small business owners in Nigeria.

I am a big fan of purpose buying when it comes to cars in Nigeria. Every car has a purpose it was made for and it hurts when people fail to realize this. You cannot just buy any car without a concrete reason for wanting it. The car needs to be an answer to some very important questions in your life. 

Can it do this? Can it do that? Does it have this or that? Can I drive it on this or that and so on are the type of questions that every car you want to buy needs to answer before you go ahead. 

Today, based on the purpose buying of vehicles, we would be talking about the best cars for small business owners in Nigeria. When I say small business owner, I mean the best cars for that Instagram clothes seller out there, sunshades seller, that tech guy on the rise of the ladder, that youtube content creator, that shoemaker in Ikeja making 20 deliveries weekly, etc.

It is very important to note there are perfect cars for small business owners in Nigeria. These are cars that will just make running a small business very easy and bearable based on logistics.

The cars I would be talking about today offer something unique to business owners, but you can also go for other cars with the same functions.

5 best cars for small business owners in Nigeria!

1. Toyota Matrix 

The Toyota Matrix is a compact hatchback made by Toyota. Its purpose was solely dedicated to anyone who needed to carry stuff from one place to another in a sporty looking car.


Toyota Matrix in red colour 

That's the catch! The Matrix looks so uniquely designed in and out which gives you the feel of a sports hatchback but in real life, it is a luggage career (especially the first generation; 2002 - 2006 model).

The Matrix is one of the only hatchbacks that can flatten out all its seats to accommodate something as large as a mattress. My friend that bakes can carry as much as 20 cakes in her Matrix at once making the car one of the best cars for small business owners in Nigeria.


That is the interior of a Toyota Matrix from the trunk 

To cap it all, the Matrix, just like the Corolla, is one of the most reliable cars in Nigeria. The Matrix is essentially a Corolla that is shaped differently. It also has more interior comfort for passengers than the Corolla but when talking about cars with the largest interior space, the Matrix doesn't come close. 

Please note that the Pontiac Vibe is the same car as the Toyota Matrix. It is just a rebadged American version of the Matrix. 

2. Toyota RAV4 

The Toyota RAV4 SUV is one compact SUV that will serve you well as a business owner in three major areas: the appeal it gives clients/customers, the reliability and the interior space/ride height.


The RAV4 automatically makes your client(s) assume that you know what you are doing in your chosen line of business. It sets you aside as a focused person.

Nigerians have car stereotypes like that and with the RAV4, it is the stereotype of "serious businessman" and that is how the RAV4 is amongst one of the best cars for small business owners.


The RAV4 can take up quite an amount of Cargo 

Also, the RAV4 has a lot of luggage carrying space and you can also flatten out the seat to accommodate more luggage in case you always have goods to move around. The RAV4 from 2001 to 2012 is the perfect Toyota RAV4s that fit all my description above.

3. Benz CLA

The Mercedes-Benz CLA is the only Mercedes-Benz that doesn't act and feel like one. In fact, the CLA is the worst Mercedes-Benz you can buy in Nigeria and this is also why it is the perfect Mercedes-Benz car to own as a small business owner. You are getting the rep of driving a Benz but nobody knows that it is a budget Benz car.

It is a front-wheel-drive car unlike any other Mercedes Benz and it has a pretty low maintenance cost. A true Mercedes-Benz car would require some special form of care but the CLA doesn't need all that. 


The beautiful Mercedes-Benz CLA 

The CLA is very attractive and it will get you any gig that a true Mercedes will get you. 

However, the problem with the CLA in Nigeria is that car dealers play on the fact that Nigerians love Benz too much. You know all these Naija car dealers and the tricks up their sleeves.


Beautiful but cheap interior, I promise you won't know

The CLA is meant to be almost as cheap as a 2012 Corolla but it is sold way above that. 

If you want to buy a CLA in Nigeria, it is best to learn how to buy cars yourself abroad and ship them into Nigeria. The process will be way cheaper than buying from a dealer here in Nigeria.

4. Ford F-150 Truck 

You know the function of a Pickup truck is to go off-road and carry load easily but that is something a Toyota Hilux would easily do for you while the Ford F-150 does that in grand style.


Of course, it is a Truck

The Ford F-150 is the most sold automobile in America for a reason and it is also one of the most reliable trucks you can ever buy. This truck is the pride of Ford.

The Ford F-150 will give you and your business a very unique appeal in the eyes of customers/clients. The truck looks unique across every year model and it will make you stand out.


Bag of rice has nothing on the F-150

The Ford F-150 is also a very economical pickup to have in Nigeria. The only issue is that you will be needing a seasoned Ford Technician to help you with servicing. Once you have that, you are good!  

5. Toyota Sienna 

The Toyota Sienna is the most reliable 'family van' with a 7 seater that you can buy in Nigeria today. Its strongest rivals are the Mazda MPV, Ford Windstar and the Honda Oddysey but these cars have one known problem or the other.

The Toyota Sienna comfortably seats 7 people, which means it will be a perfect people and luggage carrier.


Toyota Sienna is a fast van that nobody praises enough 

If you are in a small business that involves a lot of meeting up with people and moving from one place to another, I think the Sienna is the best option for you especially if you have over 5 staff in number.

One example of a small business that needs a Toyota Sienna is a video production company. If you need to move your crew and a lot of camera equipment all around, a Toyota Sienna between 2002 and 2010 will do just that for you.


The 7 seater Toyota Matrix 

The best thing about this car is that it will never break down on the road, which puts it on top of the best cars for small business owners. The Sienna is also a very fast and agile mini-van to own in Nigeria.


We are done looking at the 5 best cars for small business owners in Nigeria and I think you should buy one of these cars if the shoe fits.

Having said that, you should check out our website Naijauto.com for more tips and advice on anything car-related in Nigeria. 

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