10 Best cars for new drivers in Nigeria


Posted by: Juliet Onyeachonam

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As a new driver, you need a decent car with a quality body build and fuel economy to perfect your driving skills. See this list of 10 Best cars for new drivers in Nigeria to know which car best suits you as a new driver.

One of the toughest decisions you might have to make in your entire driving life would be deciding which car is best for you as a new driver. Although it is true that there are hundreds of car brands and different models in the market place, making the right choice of a first car can prove to be somewhat daunting for a new driver.

However, in this article, we’ve made choosing the right car easier for you with our list of 10 best cars for new drivers in Nigeria.

Reasons that informed our choice of 10 Best cars for new drivers in Nigeria are build quality, fuel economy and availability of spare parts and of course the affordability of the car as a whole. Read on as we explore together.

10 best cars for a new driver in Nigeria

1. Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry remains a best-selling car in Nigeria. There are more reasons than not while the average Nigerian will choose a Camry over every other car. At the top of the reasons are durability, excellent fuel economy, and ease of maintenance owing to readily available and affordable spare parts.

For a new driver, the Toyota Camry model years of 2001 to 2007 are ideal to perfect your driving skills. However, if you have a tight budget, you can consider the 1996 model popularly called “Orobo” or 1999 Toyota Camry which is also a great choice for a new driver.


Toyota Camry 1999 also known as Pencil Light is characterized by its durability

See our Updated Toyota Camry price in Nigeria (2020) in Nigeria to help you make an informed decision. You can also see our review of Toyota Camry Pencil light to help you make a choice too.

2. Toyota Corolla

Next to the Toyota Camry, the Toyota Corolla is another best-seller car in Nigeria from the Japanese manufacturer. The sedan is a compact sedan with a propensity to seat up to five persons.

As a matter of fact, the Corolla is almost as popular in Nigeria as the Camry. Just like its close contender, the Camry, the Corolla also boasts of durability, ease of maintenance and impressive fuel economy.


Toyota corolla models are loved for its impressive fuel economy

We recommend the 2004 Toyota Corolla for a new driver. Not only is it easy to maintain given that most new drivers often end up with minor damages, here and there to their cars; it also boasts of an impressive fuel economy of 28 MPG for city driving and 36 MPG for high ways drivings.

This car is not only suitable for new drivers, but it is also a good choice of family car especially for smaller families. It can also handle long-distance journeys and confront mild off-road terrains.

>>> You can read our review of Toyota Corolla 2004 model. Also see price list of all Toyota Corolla models.

3. Hyundai i10

The Hyundai i10 is just about the most popular small car manufactured by Hyundai. It is also one of the most popular small cars you will find on Nigerian roads.  Although this hatchback appears small from the outside, it has seating capacity for up to five persons, including the driver.


Hyundai i10 is a cheap and durable small car for new drivers

It is also easy to maintain and has an excellent fuel economy expected for a car of its size. The Hyundai i10 is best suited for every day driving such as running errands and school runs for kids.

The Hyundai i10 is available in most car dealerships across the country. Its price is the reason why most buyers looking for small cars would buy it. See our price list of Hyundai i10 models to help you make an informed decision of which Hyundai i10 model suits your needs.

4. Toyota RAV 4

The Toyota RAV4 is a compact SUV best suited for both short and long-distance journeys. It is also an ideal choice of a first car for a new driver.

If your desired choice for a new car is an SUV, then you should totally consider buying the Toyota RAV 4. For a new driver, Toyota RAV4 2001 – 2005 model years are just ideal. It is easy to maintain, has a great fuel economy, and has a strong build quality.


Toyota RAV 4 is a compact SUV suitable for new drivers

Another reason you might want to choose a Toyota RAV4 as your choice of SUV as a new driver is that the Toyota RAV4 has proven to handle mild off-road terrains, so it is suitable for drivers who commute through bad roads regularly.

See our price list of different models of the Toyota RAV4 to help you make an informed decision of the best model for you. Also, see our review of Toyota RAV4 2005 model which we recommend above the earlier models as it boasts of extra additional features.

5. Volkswagen Golf

The Volkswagen Golf is just about the most durable small car on the Nigerian road. If this car were to be human, it would not be wrong to say it has a lot of experience of Nigerian roads.

Even small town taxis often use Golf 3 and Golf 4 in their business because of the durability and great fuel efficiency. You may want to see the Volkswagen Golf 4 2004 specs & prices in Nigeria (Update in 2019).


Volkswagen Golf is loved by many because it is strong and fuel efficient

As a new driver, the Golf, either Golf 3 or Golf 4 is a great choice of a car to hone your driving skills. It is also available and has readily available spare parts in the market place.

>>> Also check out Volkswagen Golf 3,4,5 & 6 Prices in Nigeria (Update in 2020) before making your decision!

 6. Honda Accord

If you are going to buy a Honda brand as a new driver, you should endeavour to avoid older model Honda products. Older models of Honda have shown a track record of failing suspension system. If you are considering buying a Honda sedan, the Honda Accord of at least 2007 model years is a very excellent choice.

The Honda Accord has a very responsive modern engine with a quite spacious interior and a pleasant looking dashboard a number of impressive features to go with it.


The Honda Accord has a low maintenance cost and is ideal for a new driver

The Honda Accord has proven to be a fuel efficient car with an equally durable body build and has an equally low cost of maintenance. You should totally buy a Honda Accord if you are a Honda lover.

7. Lexus ES Series

The Lexus ES series is like the Camry of Lexus. It is a modern sedan with a lot of agility, a feature that was carried over from the Toyota Camry to its luxury arm, Lexus.

With a lot of interior space, this car is a great choice for a new driver with a family. It also boasts plenty of head and leg rooms with a lot of cargo space for family trips.


ES series is to Lexus what Camry is to Toyota

The Lexus ES Series comprises ES 300, ES 330, and ES 350. Depending on your budget, all of the members of the ES series are great choices as a mew driver. Lexus spare parts are also available in the country in plenteous supply.

8. KIA Picanto

The KIA Picanto is another great car for a new driver. Although it is a small car, it possesses the agility and strength of regular cars. Its interior tells a somewhat different story from its exterior outlook. It is quite spacious and comfortable, a suitable car for young drivers and even small families.


KIA Picanto is another small car ideal for a new driver

The KIA Picanto has been reported to have a very decent fuel economy. Although some have argued that it has a below standard body build, the KIA Picanto is ideal for regular city driving just like the Hyundai i10.

Its spare parts are also readily available and the car as a whole is quite affordable.

The downside remains that the KIA Picanto just like the Hyundai i10 for not having good second-hand value. If you are thinking of a car you will have to resell after perfecting your driving skills, you might have to reconsider buying a KIA Picanto.

>>> Check out Kia Picanto Prices in Nigeria (Update in 2020).

9 Toyota Picnic

The Toyota Picnic has a decent interior with enough head and legroom. If you are a lover of minivans, you should consider buying a Toyota picnic. This is a great family car and also suitable for long-distance journeys and family trips.


Plenty of interiro space and good fuel economy are evident in the Toyota Picnic

This minivan has an excellent fuel economy which is the same reason some transporters are replacing their Toyota Siennas. Toyota spare parts are also readily available in the country making maintenance costs affordable.

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10. Peugeot 307

The Peugeot 307 in 2017 won the European Car of the Year award. A carefully crafted family car suitable for small families, this hatchback is available in 3 and 5 doors options.


Peugeot 307 is a reliable car for a new driver. It has a good second hand value too

Peugeot generally builds quality cars and spare parts are also available for car maintenance. The fuel economy of the Peugeot 307 is just decent. Peugeot 307 even though a small has proven to have the needed agility to confront the Nigerian bad road terrain. We've written Peugeot 307 price in Nigeria (brand new, Tokunbo and Nigerian used) to help you make an informed buying decision.

Finally, whether your choice is for a sedan, an SUV or just a small car, you will find our list of top 10 best cars for new drivers in Nigeria very helpful.


List of 10  bes t  cars for new drivers
 Number Car model (Click to see all listings)
 1  Toyota Camry
 2  Toyota Corolla
 3  Hyundai i10               
 4  Toyota  RAV4 
 5  Volkswagen Golf 
 6  Honda Accord 
 7  Lexus ES Series 
 8  KIA  Picanto 
 9  Toyota Picnic 
 10  Peugeot 307 

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