10 common things the best car selling sites in Nigeria have


Posted by: Joshua-Philip Okeafor

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Online car sales are expected to explode post-covid 19 with best car selling sites in Nigeria doing their best to make it happen too.


Since the internet is a virtual home for everyone, there are so many online sites selling everything, from clothes to cars. This is good because it helps buyers to locate potential sellers with quality vehicles.

You need to be careful though. There are 10 common things the best car selling sites in Nigeria have. The obstacle here is that you might fall into a scam if you use a lousy website without the attributes discussed here.

To prevent being scammed, apart from the normal other things you should know before buying a car, below are the things any good car online sales sites should have.


Especially after Covid 19, online car sales are firmly a thing now

1. Registered or have a license

When an online car sales site is registered or has a license in the country where it resides, it adds a massive point for being trust-worthy.

One of the many ways one can identify a reputable company in Nigeria is if the company is registered with CAC (Cooperate Affairs Commission). If the company has a CAC number, you can go further by checking up on it on the CAC website to discern its authenticity. 

The essence of having a license is to be monitored adequately by the authorities. This serves to protect the buyer in case of incidents like buying a stolen vehicle.


Look out for the registration details of that site

2. Secured with SSL

To make the right choice regarding an automotive online shop or dealer, do not overlook how secure the website's secure socket layer is or the firewalls. Though you may not be making your payment online after sampling or seeing the car, SSL is crucial to any site user.

This security technology helps protect whatever information you send or receive on the web. You want your data protected when you communicate with your dealer, or the buyer if, on the other hand, you are the seller. 

Moreover, Google has made it one of the criteria for websites that it tracks. So, ensure the site you will be using has this.

3. Have an offline presence or address 

Even though the automotive site you intend to purchase your car from looks very legit and has the type of vehicle you want, it should also have an offline presence or an offline address.

Having a reputable presence online is cool, however, having an offline address makes it better.

It can be easier to track a fraudulent dealer outlet offline, especially when you don’t know who runs the website. They can quickly close down their website or other online resources if they have scammed their target. The address can also indicate that they genuinely have the car in their outlet.

4. Positive review or reputation

What others have to say about a site matters. Therefore, you shouldn’t take those reviews and users' comments for granted.

When people are scammed, they don’t hesitate to make a public statement or talk about it. If two or more people have complained about how the online car sales site you want to use has scammed them, do not neglect it. Use their complaint as a guard to back off or know how to proceed. 


A satisfied customer always leaves a positive comment

5. Duration or years of staying in the business

Although, not all sites that have been in the car dealing business for too long can be wholly trusted. However, the site should have remained in business for a reasonable length of time before you should feel comfortable dealing with them. This period can be from six months to a year before being one can be confident enough to purchase from them.

Purchasing cars is not like purchasing any other commodity because the prices are always in the higher ranges as far as purchases go. Moreover, some sham sites set up sites to scam people after a period of time. When their time elapses, and they have customer trust, they close the site. 

6. A functional website

The car online sales site you intend to use should be free from unnecessary errors or redirections. Nevertheless, these errors might be a glitch naturally caused by the servers or hosting companies. Yet, it shouldn’t be consistent every time you intend to use the site.

It should also be free from pop-up messages that do not correlate with the sites. Issues like this make users forfeit the site for another if the site or the pages on it are down. 


All buttons should work on the website

7. User friendly

This can't be overemphasized. Aside from having a functional site, one other criterion of a good website is for it to be user friendly. Available cars that are up for sale should be listed according to model, year, and new or used deals. It makes it easier for users to navigate the website and find the product they seek.

It should also be mobile responsive; that is, the sites should have a well laid out version for mobile users. It is because most people surf the internet through their phones as it’s easier to assess and portable than using a laptop or desktop.


The user experience should be simple and uncomplicated

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8. Great support services

A site without customer service or customer service representative can be very frustrating for its users. Whenever people encounter errors, want to inquire about a product, or have issues when using the site, the next person they want to talk to is the customer representative. Thus, few things make a site as outstanding, as having quick and responsive customer support. 

9. A stipulated policy

Don’t just assume the site policies, instead find where they are stipulated on the website and read them. In the website's policy, their sales policy, return policy, or user policy are usually clearly laid out. Sometimes the policy of a website may not apply or be suitable for users.

Suppose you don’t read the policy before purchasing your vehicle, and you are not satisfied after purchase. In that case, you may not recover your money or return the car because of the site/ company policy. Even if you sue the site, they will likely win the case.

10. Detailed pictures and information about the car

If a vehicle is listed for sale, the site should have detailed information about the car. This information includes the car model and whether the vehicle has been used in Nigeria or abroad. It should also include the available features, the engine capability, mileage, transmission, the available technologies, and the car's color. This will help you learn more about the vehicle even before meeting your dealer offline.

There should also be a detailed picture of the car's interior and exterior, the car dashboard, the headlights, and even the trunk space. As they say, pictures speak more than words.

This video sheds more light on online car-buying:

Оnline car-buying sites | how to buy a car | Review buying a car in 2020


Finally, in Nigeria, it’s best to see the car you are to purchase offline before making payments. If you are to make the payment, take your dealer to the bank or make payments online instead of carrying cash around.

Also, be careful about scams. Many abound in Nigeria, such as mileage scams, and so on. Thorough due diligence helps.

Are you quite clear on those 10 common things the best car selling sites in Nigeria have? Can you make an informed decision now on which site or service to use? Attaboy! You can now go and get that ride. Good luck!

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