Ember months holiday traveling? See the best cars for a family road trip


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Long distance road trips for the family are fun, but only if you have the right vehicle to take everyone and everything. See our best cars for a family road trip!

The popular “Ember” months are no doubt the busiest when it comes to road traffic in Nigeria. The major reason is the extended holidays, festivities like Christmas and Eid, or planned occasions like weddings that are always scheduled around this time.

From the savannah in the north to the forests in the south, different families take this opportunity to go on road trips to villages and other fun spots. This helps them to relax and reunite with family and friends. The problem with some however is the choice of vehicle that is suitable for such a journey. It is not enough to just buy the best family car, you need to consider other factors such as fuel consumption, off road abilities, and infotainment. 

A good many individuals come out of these journeys looking tired as if the journey itself was warfare. This is partly due to the road situation but many times it’s about the vehicle being uncomfortable during such trips. Hence, some people opt out of the public transport system and choose to embark on these journeys with their own cars. But is it the best car for your family on the road?


A comfortable car is essential to the family on a long trip

You do not consider purchasing a car because you feel it will be good for a journey, but if you are looking at buying a vehicle that could transport you and your folks to the village for the holidays such as Eid or Christmas celebrations, here is a list of options from Naijauto.com you can choose:

1. Honda Accord: Affordable mid-size sedan

The Honda Accord is a well known brand in the Nigerian automobile world. It has the advantage of being well equipped to handle transportation in Nigeria … and the price? Do not fret, for it is very affordable. Though having a spacious interior, the rear cabin can handle no more than three adults comfortably but comes quite suitable for kids. You should consider this when you go for it. Being a traditional driver, the accord still comes with the manual and auto transmission, depending on the year’s model. You also get a spacious trunk to handle your luggage.


Honda Accord is a safe, reliable, and spacious option for a small family

2. Toyota Camry Hybrid: Fuel Economy

When you have to consider your pocket in terms of the amount of gasoline you need for the trip, then your best bet is the Toyota Camry Hybrid. With an exterior many consider as being boring, this vehicle has got both a spacious as well as classy interior. The rear can comfortably sit three adults, giving them enough room for their legs, heads and shoulders. This sedan truly delivers when it comes to luggage as its boot is built to handle just that.


The Toyota Camry Hybrid is not so common in Nigeria, but gives amazing fuel economy

3. Chevrolet Impala: Large Sedan

The Chevrolet Impala give you comfort and luxury. It carries a four cylinder punchy V6 engine with six-speed automatic transmission. This large sedan also comfortably carries three adults in the rear. It also gives your family a huge trunk that handles their luggage just fine so you don’t have to give priority to what is needed on the trip.


Power and space define the Chevy Impala, good for medium size family on a trip

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4. Subaru Outback: Small SUV/ Wagon

For a person seeking to be unique in the crowd with an SUV that is quiet and quick, the Subaru Outback is specifically designed for you. As with the others, this vehicle is spacious enough for three adults at the rear. It has a large cargo area, although when compared to other SUVs, the height for loading is low.

With a 4-wheel drive system, this automobile is truly built for your road. Under the hood is a four-cylinder that produces enough power t plough through any terrain. Its combined fuel economy is 24mpg. Talking about infotainment, it houses a touch screen system that is easy to operate and thus the journey to the village is never better.


Subaru Outback is nimble enough to get you through traffic, by taking dirt roads

5. Kia Sorento: Midsize SUV

Class at an affordable price is what the Kia Sorento stands for. Having an ecstatic interior design and a user friendly infotainment system, this automobile carries an automatic braking system in case of emergencies. It has perfect shock absorbers that limits the effects of the bumps and potholes. This vehicle carries third-row seats that are tiny but has rear seats that are comfy. Under the hood is a V6, 4-cylinder engine that helps limit your spending in terms of gasoline.


Kia Sorento is not the most ideal off roader but will carry your midsize family in style and comfort

6. Dodge DurangoTowing ready SUV

The Dodge Durango is a fuel sipper that has both V6 and V8 engines. It is quiet and spacious and gives you comfort. Like the Kia Sorento, it has a third row seat that is spacious. For your luggage it houses a spacious boot and can also tow other vehicles up to 2000 pounds in weight. You don’t have to be bored during your trip because the Dodge Durango is fitted with an optional 8.4-inch infotainment system and it has got your back with a rear view camera to augment for its rear visibility.

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Need a vehicle that packs a punch? Try the Durango, great for hauling large loads and families

7. Audi Q7: Luxury-living SUV

This luxury three-row seat SUV combines both beauty and space when it comes to interior. The middle row seat can carry three adults comfortably. It carries a V6, eight-speed automatic system that economizes fuel, and this makes it better than its predecessors.


Both roominess and style make the Audi Q7 stand out, and your family will enjoy the trip

8. Toyota Sienna: Spacious minivan

From that bag of rice to the gallons of oil, the Eid ram or Christmas goat, no vehicle does it like the minivans. With the spacious trunk to the sliding doors, cup holders and many seats, the Toyota Sienna is your best pick to take you home in grand style. The Toyota sienna is the only All-wheel drive minivan in the market. It houses a 3.5L V6 engine that has a decent 20mpg combined.

When you’ve got kids and adults, rest assured that the middle row can comfortably take three adults while the back seat carries the kids.  When compared to other alternative minivans and even SUVs the Toyota Sienna’s all-wheel drive system and 8-seater gives it advantage.


Nigeria's bestselling minivan with good reason, reliable, roomy, and just oozes comfort

9. Honda Pilot / Toyota Highlander: Reliable Mid-size SUV

We seem to have saved best for last with this final listing. Both the Honda Pilot and the Toyota Highlander elong to the same segment, which is why they are grouped. The Highlander is of course Nigeria's most popular SUV, period, but has healthy competition from the Pilot. The Pilot's great safety features particcularly make it one of the best choices for a family road trip, especially if you have the newer models.

Both of these, in the newer models, have a 7-8 seats option depending on trim level. This makes them perfect for a large family road trip. 

Toyota-Highlander-and-Honda Pilot

The Toyota Highlander and the Honda Pilot are both excellent choices for family trips

There you have them; your best pick as you enter the ember months and the travelling that comes with them.

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