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The beauty of the Toyota Corolla sedan cannot be over emphasized but you can only run comparisons better when you try other alternatives.

Recently, small cars have in-depth engineering majorly resulting from high competition. Different driving dynamics, safety measures and comfort are now incorporated into premium and non-premium mid-sized cars.

The beauty of the Toyota Corolla sedan cannot be denied. It has come a long way in 20 years. With its 2014 upgrade, it has grown in its wheelbase, styling and décor. Its recently launched new generation model is also packed with features of your dream, emergency braking system and other safety and comfort features.

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Despite the power-packed features of the Corolla and despite the fact that Toyota was the first to make those features standard on the Corolla model, there are many other alternatives one could go for in Nigeria. The increasing competition in the sedan segment breeds a healthy market space and you can only run comparisons better when you have tried out other alternatives.

Here are some alternatives for Toyota Corolla in Nigeria you can go for.


Toyota was the first to break standard standard on the Corolla model with its beautiful interior and exterior build

1. Honda Civic

One can say that the 2017 Honda Civic is the arch-rival of the Toyota Corolla. With the recent models being pushed into the market, one would agree that the Honda Civic ranks amongst the topmost in the list of compact cars.

Both cars have excellent performance even though the Honda Civic seems to be more expensive. The Corolla is of higher value while the Civic offers one a better joyride. This is probably because the Corolla has a poor handling.

The infotainment unit of the Honda Civic supports the Android Auto and the Apple CarPlay while the Toyota Corolla does not.


The Honda Civic boasts of super performance but a bit more expensive

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2. The Mazda 3 sedans

The Mazda 3 is one of the premium cars in the C-segment of sedans. They do have a competitive starting price while the trims in the higher ladder are expensive just like the Honda Civic.

Aside from in Nigeria, the stylish Mazda 3 is currently popular and on sale in UAE. It has a refined 1.6 litre engine, which generates 105 HP, and a bigger 2.0 litre engine, which generates 155 HP power.

Just like the Corolla, the Mazda 3 does not support Android Auto and Apple CarPlay but the Mazda 3 does have a better handling than the Toyota Corolla.


The Mazda 3 have got a competitive starting price even though it is one of the premium cars in the sedan model

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3. 2018 Toyota Camry

The 2018 Toyota Camry comes with a novel design: One that replaces its old-fashioned style with a classic, sportier and dynamic appearance. It is more expensive than the Corolla though this is understandable considering the fact that it is more powerful, larger and offers better handling experiences.

The only feature that seems to be absent is the support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It still however ranks high in the list of 2018 mid- size cars.


The only features missing in this vehicle are the Applie Carplay and the Android Auto

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3. The Toyota Yaris Sedan

The Toyota Yaris sedan is a perfect alternative for the Toyota Corolla. The good news is that it is much cheaper than the Corolla even though it doesn’t possess some of the standard safety features featured by the Corolla.

The Toyota Yaris iA hatchback is which i also a good bet has interior finnesse and features such as touch-screen infotainment system (7- inches size), a collision warning system, a rear-view camera and a better handling performance.


The Yaris is a much cheaper sedan and can be considered on the basis of fuel economy as a good alternative for the Corolla

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5. The Hyundai Elantra

The fact that this attractive, high-class vehicle is affordable compared to most other sedans makes it one of the best-sellers. The Hyundai comes with 2 engine options; a smaller 1.6 litre engine that generates 121 HP power and a bigger 2.0 litre engine that generates 163 HP power.

The reputation and the reliability of the Elantra match that of the Corolla.


The Elantra is an affordable luxury in the class of midsized sedans and considered a good alternative for the corolla

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6. The Chevrolet Cruze

The 2017 Chevrolet Cruze has a diesel and a gasoline-powered option though the diesel option appears to be pricier.

It comes with a high-tech infotainment unit, a cabin with enough space and offers a comfortable ride. It is fitted with a Wi-Fi hotspot, supports a 4G LTE data connection, the Android Auto and the Apple CarPlay.


The Chevy is a pretty midsize sedan with a little pricier diesel option - but a very good buy however

The sale of premium C-segment cars is on the increase in Nigeria and because of upgrades being pushed into the market each year; you should expect that the car you like today might have a better alternative tomorrow. Such is the case with the Toyota Corolla.

Okenwa Emeka
Okenwa Emeka

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