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The Toyota Camry seems to be the car trend in this part of the world. However, if you are looking for alternatives to the Camry, then this article is for you.

The Toyota Camry (in any model one can afford) seems to be the car trend in this part of the world. Apart from the fact that it's affordable, it's definitely a must have. Why? First, because it's a Toyota make and second, because you get to enjoy some high-end, high-tech qualities as well as sit in luxury, without having to break the bank. Well, that's for Toyota lovers on one end. On the other end, if you're not in love with the Camry but want something similar, here are the best alternatives you can come across in Nigeria.

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1. Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla offers the closest family competition to the Camry. Despite being a compact car, Toyota Corolla offers some really solid features and advantages that makes is a natural alternative to the Toyota Camry. If you consider her solid power delivery, her acclaimed fuel economy rating which is among the best in saloon cars and her high durality, you'll see why we chose it as a close alternative to the Camry. 

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Toyota Corolla offers one of the best fuel economy around

2. Lexus GS

Only the high and mighty purchase this one. However, if you're ready to level up and you've got your pocket full of cash, then this car is for you. A hot, dashing 2015 Lexus GS is just right!

Like the 2015 Toyota Camry model, the Lexus GS is a sedan that displays more dynamics in terms of power and performance. Beside it, the Lexus is a forerunner, a testing of the waters. Let's look at the specs. Shall we?


Lexus GS offers solid acceleration reaching 60 mph in about 6 seconds

The Lexus GS houses a 3.6L V6 306hp, coupled with an eight-speed automatic engine. This implies that it is able to sprint a 0-60mph in less than 6 seconds. The Lexus GS comes with an all-wheel drive that also spices up the six-wheel automatic car option. Talk of German fitting, the Lexus GS has it all, with refined padded leather seats that scream class and style. Technology? The Lexus GS storms the market with its high-tech safety functions that include an airbag, an adaptive cruise control, brake intervention pads, blind spot monitors etc. What's more? These features take the Lexus a step higher than the Toyota Camry so you know you're paying for a more realistic sense of style and elegance. The exterior alone gives that whole vibe!

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3. Honda Civic

Now who doesn't love the stylish, flashy Honda? The 2015 Honda Civic sedan is certainly a go-for. It is refined, comfortable and offers superbly top-notch materials. The handsome, refined evolutionary is the plug for your competition, if you're looking to impress.

What the Honda Civic gives us is not like the regular Honda of past times. After having being savaged in previous years, the Honda model is back, better and irresistible. With it come an efficient CVT (continuous variable transmission) that improve engine performance and acceleration, a larger trunk space, an abundant legroom, a wrapped-in-leather steering wheel, a proportionate handling, an aerodynamic-inspired front fascia, a racier set of sexy wheels, LED head and tail lights, an infotainment system, Bluetooth pairing, a climate control that helps cool/heat the car atmosphere whenever you want it to, however you want it to; as well as many other features that could beat the Toyota Camry, hands down.


Recent models of the Honda Civic use LED lighting for its headlamps

No one's disputing the Toyota Camry, but it's high time we hyped something new. Isn't it? Afterall, every Tom, Dick and Harry in Nigeria seems to have one sitting around somewhere in their garage, so here's a good alternate to it.

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4. Hyundai Elantra

In Nigeria, the Elantra is equally a rising star in the competitive race between cars. The sedan exhibits a ride quality that could step up to other remarkable brands. It is convenient, comfortable, affordable and has a value in the Nigerian market.


Elantra is equally a rising star in the competitive race between cars

Like most high-tech cars, the Sedan comes in sport models and is a great shocker for swallowing up noise coming from the engine. Not only that, it is installed with power locks, windows and mirrors, a cruise control, a touchscreen radio, a standard rear view camera, rear seat heaters, a premium telescopic steering etc. You can also guess that the Elantra has a bunch of safety options: a brake assist, a forward - collision alert, seat-mounted, seat-impact airbags, a steering assist system and a host of others. In all, the Elantra is truly one that exudes confidence in its road manner.

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5. Mazda 3

The Mazda 3 stands out for its unique fashion. The small car is endowed with high-end, efficient engine and a smooth gearbox that inform its high road performance. Let's begin with its outlook. The Mazda 3 displays a fine combination of tender curves, sharp edges and a crouched back cabin. On the interior are sheen front seats with lower cushions made available for the driver's comfort, upholstered leather rear seats, an infotainment system that offers a touchscreen display coupled with an effective navigation system, voice control options, a Tech supercapacitor package, a lane departure assist, a generous, adaptive set of front lighting, a blind spot monitor etc. Overall, the Mazda 3 strides in all of its excellency and is a leading car brand in Nigeria.


Recent models of the Mazda 3 come with the lane departure assist

All that said, you can be sure of what car you're looking to buy within this range. These are the best there is in Nigeria and what's great is that they are available in the country so there's no need to pay unnecessary bills for imports. At the snap of your fingers, you can get any one of them you have in mind.

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