5 reasons you should get a car spoiler right now!


Posted by: Oluwaseun Adeniji

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You ever thought a car spoiler was just for showing but after reading the post below, you may want to install a car spoiler immediately to save both money and life. Read on!

Are you still wondering why having spoilers installed in your car so important? It is not obscene to see it as fashion statement or a product of “pimp my ride”, a popular TV reality show. Getting or customizing your car with a spoiler comes with lots of benefits that will give you a smooth and incredible driving experience. There are spots in your car you can decide to place this accessory such as the top of the trunk, front of the car, lip side of the car and wing side especially for racing cars. Whatever the spot, the spoiler plays a definite role and comes with lots of advantages.

And today, Naijauto.com - the biggest car website in Nigeria has come up with 5 benefits of installing spoilers in your car.


 Installing spoiler in your car gives it stability against air pressure at top speed

1. Increase stability

One of the main benefits of having a spoiler installed in your car is the presence of a balanced traction especially when you are at top speed.  When the speed at which your car is moving is higher than 70mphs, your car is vulnerable to the wind. The excess air pressure will make driving so hard that it might even go out of control. That is why having rear spoiler will give you that stability and firmness you need on the road.

2. Save fuel

Having a front spoiler which acts as air dam saves you from heavy fuel bill. This is because it increases the gas efficiency as a result of pushing air alongside while on motion which minimizes occurrence of drag.

3. Better brake control

It promises good and effective control on braking system even when you are at top speed. Because of the increase in downward force, it guarantees your safety and better brake performance.


It's not a coincidence that race cars have such impressive spoilers

4. Enhance visibility

A spoiler gives your car that uniqueness and visibility on the road. It is an effective car accessory that gives the hint to other motorist of your impending maneuver.

5. Affirm your style

Just like the way most people think spoilers are meant for, it gives your car that superb touch and stylish appearance. Since you have variation in shapes, colours and other qualities, you can give your car any look that excites you.

Video: Usefulness of spoilers in cars

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Oluwaseun Adeniji

Oluwaseun Adeniji

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