Automatic Vs Manual transmission – Myths and Facts


Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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There have been lots of arguments about automatic vs manual transmission over the years. But what are the facts and what are the myths? Check here to find out thinks the ever-growing debate between automatic and manual transmission might never end. Lots of experts prefer the manual transmission while most modern car owners love the automatic transmission which is the major reason a conclusive point as difficult to reach for both parties.

Manual transmission does have many advantages though, but it wouldn’t make sense to just give it an ultimate edge over automatic transmission with comparing the two closely in terms of myths and facts.

There are some unique features that makes some drivers still prefer the manual gearbox in this rising age of automatic transmission. Nonetheless, we can not hide the fact that some drivers just exaggerate the benefits of the manual gearbox sometimes. Let’s dive into some of the most common myths abour manual vs automatic transmission we know of:

1. Stick shifts have great fuel efficiency

Even though we have a soft spot for the manual transmission, we still discovered that the myth about it being more fuel efficient than automatic transmission is no longer necessarily true. In the past, this myth was a fact and it was true, but with the recent advancement in technology, automatic transmission now has very good fuel efficiency as well. So, when the comparison is done between them, the difference in fuel efficiency is very minimal and highly negligible compared to the way some enthusiasts exaggerate it.


Manual transmission doesn't save more fuel as many people think

2. Stick shifts cost less

This is correct to some extent. Although in some cases you might find the manual version of the same vehicle model to be cheaper than the one with automatic transmission. This actually a declining trend nowadays. Reason being that car manufacturers now target having both priced the same. That way, choosing between them will be more dependent on buyer’s preference rather than price difference. Besides, you won’t find every single car model having a manual version in the automobile market.

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3. Stick shifts repairs cost less

In reality you will barely have to change modern automatic transmission. But truly it costs less to replace a manual transmission compared to the automatic transmission. Although a manual transmission user will have to change it once or twice in a vehicle which adds up to later cost higher when calculated.

4. Stick shifts are compulsory for cars used in sports

Even though you might find a vast majority of sports cars having manual transmission, that doesn’t mean there are no availability of automatic transmission options for them.


Most modern sports cars are now also coming in both manual and automatic option

As a matter of fact, automatic transmission sports cars have now become a reality with the recent clutch-less paddle shifters that manufacturers are now adding to them.

5. Stick shifts are the best for heavy duty works

Lots of people believe that there can be no alternative to manual transmission when it comes to heavy-duty jobs. But they never stop to accept that in reality, wearing out of the clutch in manual transmission most likely happens because of the heavy loads. Whereas, automatic transmission doesn’t even have a clutch in the first place talk less of even wearing out, which makes it more reliable in this case. Apart from the fact that towing package that helps in getting more jobs done, comes with many automatic transmission heavy-duty vehicles.

Automatic vs Manual Transmission


Manual transmission vehicles still have some fixed advantages like being possible to be rescued using another vehicle around when it is stuck among other minor advantages as well. But automatic transmission is what you will find in most modern vehicles today and it is the consumer’s first choice in the automobile market. Automatic transmission is also getting advanced with the birth of new technologies every day, so this is also something to consider as well.

Now, that we have helped you to simply clear the myths and the facts about some of the hottest argument points in manual vs automatic transmission debates, we hope that you will choose right when looking to buy a car next.

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