Does Automatic transmission accelerate faster than Manual car?


Posted by: Chris Odogwu

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Automatic and manual transmissions have various differences. Find out their unique qualities so you can decide on which is better for you, particularly in terms of acceleration!

Do you visit car dealerships regularly? If yes, you must have noticed something that’s very hard to miss – the decrease in the number of cars with manual transmission. This decline is a result of the huge preference for cars with automatic transmission.

Despite the widespread misconception that manual transmission is more efficient, car lovers seem to be more attracted to the convenience and ease the automatic transmission offers.

Moreover, manual transmission requires a lot of movement of the gears. Doing this can be a little distracting especially for new drivers. With automatic transmission, you get to focus more on the road. It enhances the driving experience, easing the stress in the driver.

1. Automatic cars generally run faster than manual cars

There’s the long belief that manual transmission enables a car to run faster with better acceleration. That might have been the truth initially. Early automatic transmissions used to be slow. This was obvious in situations where cars with automatic transmission were heavily loaded. But all that has changed now. Automatic transmissions have evolved over the year. With the infusion of the latest technologies, they are now very efficient, moving faster than manual transmissions.

Automatic transmissions come in various variations that give manual stick shifts a run for their money.


The automatic transmission outperforms its manual counterparts in acceleration

There are continuously variable transmission (CVT) and automated manual transmission. In comparison, the two offer more user value than the stick shift and traditional automatic. When you talk about modern vehicles, your best bet is CVT – it’s known as the standard gearbox.

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2. How automatic cars accelerate

Understanding how automatic cars accelerate is necessary to be well guided in your buying decision. You know exactly what to expect.

If you start the engine in a standstill position, you’ll have better acceleration with an automatic transmission. And that’s because there isn’t any need for stepping off the gas during shifting. The car engine is placed quite close to the sweet spot of the torque. However, if you are driving downshift, you’ll get better acceleration with a manual gearbox.

A professional driver can easily decipher the position of the car in a few seconds. Hence, he’s able to use the accurate gear when the car begins to move downhill. When dealing with an automatic car, changes in the gear are done automatically. A few seconds is what it takes the gearbox to move downshift.

As stated earlier, there’s no change of gears in automatic transmissions. Due to this, power emanating from the engine moves to the driving wheel with high speed. The duration for the gear change from one point to another is very minimal.


Many supercar makers also prioritize automatic transmission over manual one

New models of automatic transmissions are even faster. Hence, automatic gearboxes have faster acceleration than their manual counterparts.

There’s the tendency to think that the sleekest of cars don’t have any transmissions, but that’s not entirely true. Drivers need to have some level of control while driving, hence, every car including the sleek F1 has gears.

Fans of the stick shift find it hard to believe that their most loved transmission isn’t the most efficient in terms of acceleration. It’s important to note that many car manufacturers are focusing more on automatic transmission because it’s more efficient. Particularly, automakers like Lamborghini and Ferrari have said goodbye to manual transmissions. All their cars produced now have automatic transmissions. It’s all about giving the consumers what they want. At the end of the day, they are the ones who will buy and drive the vehicles.

There’s so much to learn about the workings of manual and automatic transmissions. We have a rich and updated resource to cater to all your information needs. You can learn more about car transmissions on – Nigeria’s number one auto portal.

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