3 most reliable car auction companies to get a Tokunbo shipped to Nigeria


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Let's check out the 3 best auction websites from which most Tokunbo cars in Nigeria are sourced!

Needless to say, the love for US vehicles is omnipresent here. That's why most used vehicles on Nigerian market are auctioned and shipped from there. A large number of European cars used to be imported but not anymore. Most of those units are discontinued or old vehicles that have been utilized as public transport for an extended period of time, some of them were even manufactured before the year 2002. Recently, we have switched to import cars from Canada and Arab nations as well.

Usually, if we see bunches of cars of the same models, we tend to go for the cheapest. Of course, auction companies know that too, and they'd do everything they can to get best-priced cars for you. The reason is many of those cars are accidented ones and some came from charity donation.

Tokunbo car park in Nigeria

Most Tokunbo cars in Nigeria are imported from the USA

Let's wait no more. As far as we know, most Tokunbo cars in our country, no matter where you bought it, came from one of these following credited companies. 


The founder of this company, Willis Johnson founded it in 1982 in California. It has moved its headquarter to Dallas now and is amongst the top 100 most exception companies across the United States. Their franchises are spreading across the globe from Asia to Europe, such as in China, India, Spain, Germany, the UK...and many more markets in Southern America. Their sources of cars range from insurance companies, bank confiscations, and the general public.

many cars in a parking area

Copart is the most popular company when it comes to bidding and auction

Generally, there is no subscription fee, but if you want to be prioritized, 200$ is their number. In recent years, they have paid more attention to the Nigerian market and started to include more benefits and services, such as shipping directly to Lagos or "buttering up" the local representatives to quicken the process.

For more information, please visit their official website at: www.copart.com   


IAAI (Insurance Auto Auctions, Inc) has more than 60 thousand cars putting up for auction at any moment. Coincidentally, they were also founded in 1982, similar to Copart, with more than 150 franchises in the USA and Canada. They have now moved the headquarter to Illinois.

Video: PreBidding - IAAI Bidding Options

Their sources vary from fleet release, insurance company, and the general public. The subscription program is more or less the same with that of Copart - you can subscribe for free or pay 200$ for a premium subscription. There are three ways you can enter a bid: pre-bid before an auction, come to the auction offline or bid online, third of which is the most common among Nigerian buyers.

IAAI's official website:  www.iaai.com

Auction Export

The company was founded much later compared to the other two companies, in 2007. Although they have more than 200,000 cars listed on their sites, most of these Tokunbo cars are owned by other auction companies and dealers. Although most services are free, potential buyers must put down an initial amount of 10% of the car or $400 to secure the auction spot.

multiple cars

Auction Export assists those who are not familiar with the bidding process

Unlike buyers going to the 2 abovementioned sites, people who come to Auction Export are generally not familiar with the bidding process and often need help. Though we almost cannot complain about the quality of their service, the shipping charges and other minor charges often add 150,000 to 200,000 Naira more to the price of the car, which is not really a comfortable number for many.

Visit Auction Export website at  www.auctionexport.com

Those three mentioned above are the biggest names you can trust to order a Tokunbo car shipped to Nigeria. If you want to find out more, you can look up for auctiondirectusa.com, Manheim, eBay, Gov actions, Adesa or many other online car buying & selling platforms.

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