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Surprise! Your Honda Pilot is not so exclusive as you think! There are good alternatives to the near perfect SUV out there. You don't think so? Take a look.

1. Introduction

The love for midsize SUVs did not start today in Nigeria. In that time one of the most popular midsize SUVs that surfaced in the year 2002 is the Honda Pilot. Years after thousands of car lovers are joining ‘team Honda Pilot’ in Nigeria. While this boom is going on for the Honda company SUV, it is important to note that alternatives exist for this ₦11.3m SUV. Truly, every car is unique and has special features that make it stand out. The options for the Pilot are thus in their own ways, pretty special too. If you have ever wondered about what else might be out there, or are on the crossroads debating the choice of a Honda Pilot or a good alternative, worry no more. is pleased to present the very best alternatives for the iconic Honda Pilot:


Years after thousands of car lovers are joining ‘team Honda Pilot’ in Nigeria

2. Toyota Highlander

This car has been the closest rival of Honda Pilot over the years and recently. The reason the past models of the Toyota Highlander has been consistently ranked as one of the best midsize SUVs in the market is due to Toyota’s superlative engineering, which has served Nigeria faithfully for a long time. Toyota popular autos include the Toyota Corolla and Toyota Camry. With Toyota Highlander, you get to enjoy your ride like a Boss! Points to make you buy:

  • It is cheap
  • It has great fuel economy
  • The Highlander has a really smooth ride on Nigerian roads
  • It is large and Large and family friendly, sitting at least 7
  • Availability of car parts and auto mechanics specialized in the brand

These and more have been of the many reasons this car is making strong waves as a midsize SUV in Nigeria.

  Prices of Toyota Highlander in Nigeria
Model Price in naira
 Brand new Toyota Highlander 2019  ₦30 million to ₦32 million
 Tokunbo Toyota Highlander 2001 - 2009  ₦ 3 million - ₦7 million
 Tokunbo Toyota Highlander 2010 - 2016  ₦5 million - ₦19 million
 Nigerian used Toyota Highlander 2001- 2009  ₦ 1.7 million - ₦5.5 million
 Nigerian used Toyota Highlander 2010- 2016 ₦ 3.8 million - ₦ 10 million


Toyota Highlander has been the closest rival of Honda Pilot over the years and recently

3. Kia Sorento 

This midsize SUV comes with a four-cylinder engine and a third row seat just like its competition. With the presence of Kia company in Nigeria, you can always walk up to their showroom and check out for yourself of what beauty this car possesses. Points to make you buy:

  • Good and easy to use infotainment system
  • Cheaper than the Honda Pilot
  • Upgraded safety features
  • 10 year powertrain Warranty
Prices of Kia Sorento in Nigeria
 Model  Price in naira
 Brand new Kia Sorento 2019  ₦10.3m
 Brand new Kia Sorento 2010 - 2018  ₦2.6m - ₦10.3m
 Used Kia Sorento 2010 - 2018  ₦2.3m and above


Walk up one of Kia showrooms and check out what beauty this car possesses

4. Ford Explorer

This Ford vehicle is among other midsize vehicles giving Honda Pilot a good run for their dollar. The vehicle comes with 3.5L engines with two other engine options, and three rows of seats that are quite suitable for a large family just like the Honda Pilot. It also has the option of scaling up premium features. Points to make you buy:

  • 3 choices of engine.
  • Rugged, because it used to be a truck-based body on frame vehicle
  • Front/All wheel optional drive according to trim
Prices of Ford Explorer in Nigeria
 Model  Price in naira
 Brand new Ford Explorer 2019  ₦11.7m - ₦19.7m
 Brand new Ford Explorer 2010 - 2018  ₦2.6m - ₦11.6m
 Used Ford Explorer 2010 - 2018  ₦4.2m and above


Ford Explorer is also a good option for large family

5. Hyundai Santa Fe 

Being on its second generation production, the Hyundai Santa Fe is one car that we think is fit to be up against the Honda Pilot. Even though it first was introduced in 2006, it has grown incredibly and has been remarkably equipped with good features by its manufacturer. This two row vehicle has a very effective powertrain and has good fuel economy just like many of the many SUVs in that category. There’s an option to choosing from either Front-wheel Drive or All-wheel Drive. Points to make you buy:

  • V6 engine
  • Elegant exterior
  • Great fuel economy
  • 10 year powertrain warranty
Prices of Hyundai Santa Fe in Nigeria
 Model  Price in naira
 Brand new Santa Fe 2019  ₦11.5m
 Brand new Santa Fe 2010 - 2018  ₦2.3m - ₦11.5m
 Used Santa Fe2010 - 2018  ₦2.5m and above


Hyundai Santa Fe has 10 year powertrain warranty

6. Honda Passport 

Yes! Another one of Honda’s automobiles makes the cut, though it comes with five seating. It also comes with an extra touch in its interior design. The Honda Passport is good for a moderate family. Several safety features also defines this car, aiding its driver to remain accident free. Its V6 engine has a powerful performance capability, while giving a stable ride on the road. Points to make you buy:

  • V6 engine
  • Honda mark of safety
  • Good interior
Prices of Honda Passport in Nigeria
 Model  Price in naira
 Brand new Honda Passport 2019  ₦11.5m
 Brand new Honda Passport 2010 - 2018  to be updated
 Used Honda Passport 2010 - 2018  to be updated


Honda Passport has Honda mark of safety

7. Nissan Pathfinder 

Here is another big bull in this list; the production of this car has been ongoing since 1990s. Though the cabin is not extra spacious like most of the other competitors, it has a strong engine, good infotainment system and the Nissan Pathfinder price is okay. This 7-seats vehicle comes with a front-wheel drive and an all-wheel drive. Points to make you buy:

  • Variable automatic transmission (CVT)
  • Rugged
  • Body on frame construction
Prices of Nissan Pathfinder in Nigeria
 Model  Price in naira
 Brand new Honda Passport 2019  ₦11.3m
 Brand new Honda Passport 2010 - 2018  ₦2.5m -  ₦11.3m
 Used Honda Passport 2010 - 2018  ₦1.2m and above


Nissan Pathfinder is rugged and the price is affordable

8. Ford Edge 

This car is a two row, 5 sitter vehicle that has two optional engines. The interior cabin of this vehicle really has a good look. This vehicle has good fuel efficiency which is a plus. Additional advantages about this car is that it has a lot of room in the cabin or interior for both tall and averagely tall passengers. Cargo space has quite enough room too.  Points to make you buy:

  • Good interior
  • Fuel economy
  • Roomy cabin
Prices of Ford Edge in Nigeria
 Model  Price in naira
 Brand new Ford Edge 2019  ₦10.7m
 Brand new Ford Edge 2010 - 2018  ₦2.1m - 10.7m
 Used Ford Edge 2010 - 2018  ₦12.5m and above


Ford Edge is roomy inside for both passsengers and cargo

9. Nissan Murano 

Just like Ford Edge this five seats vehicle with two rows is another vehicle you can look out for when you are considering an alternative to Honda Pilot. It has a good upgraded infotainment system and great driver's assistance. With its height and weight, don't let it fool you as this vehicle is capable of towing 3500 pound objects. Provided seats are very comfortable and cabin has enough space. Points to make you buy:

  • Easy handling
  • Comfortable seats
  • Safety features to match the Honda Pilot
  • Elegant interior
Prices of Nissan Murano in Nigeria
 Model  Price in naira
 Brand new Nissan Murano 2019  ₦11.4m
 Brand new Nissan Murano 2010 - 2018  ₦2.9m - 11.4m
 Used Nissan Murano 2010 - 2018  ₦1.2m and above


Nissan Murano is capable of towing 3500 pound objects and has safety features match those of Honda Pilot

10. Jeep Grand Cherokee

Being on its fourth generation since 2011, this midsize SUV started production in the 1990s. And as the years have gone by it has become greatly improved with great features added to it. This 2 row five seats SUV comes with  Rear Wheel Drive and four wheels drive options to choose from, while having a well-structured cabin and seats. The power of the engine, leg room and the cargo space makes it stand out as a strong choice. Points to make you buy:

  • Good cargo space
  • Cabin room
  • Rear wheel/Four wheel drive options
Prices of Jeep Grand Cherokee in Nigeria
 Model  Price in naira
 Brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee 2019  ₦11m
 Brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee 2010 - 2018  ₦3 - ₦10m
 Used Jeep Grand Cherokee 2010 - 2018  ₦3m and above


Jeep Grand Cherokee comes with Rear Wheel Drive and four wheels drive options to choose from

11. Kia Telluride

We can't close this list without adding this other Kia product. This car looks like it has ‘everything ‘when we are looking for a midsize SUV alternative to the Honda Pilot. This car has an interesting cabin, a very large cargo facility with a gentle ride. With the many great safety features you are sure to have a safe ride and less worry since your car is protected from car theft. Points to make you buy:

  • Great Kia technology
  • Cargo space
Prices of Kia Telluride in Nigeria
 Model  Price in naira
 Brand new Kia Telluride 2019  ₦11.4m
 Brand new Kia Telluride 2010 - 2018  to be updated
 Used Kia Telluride 2010 - 2018  to be updated


Kia Telluride has good Kia technology

12. Conclusion

Whichever alternative you choose, it is certain to give you a similar satisfaction to the Honda Pilot. If you insist on sticking with the Pilot, it’s still good though. Happy driving.

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