Advantages and disadvantages of buying secondhand car from dealerships


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While purchasing used cars from dealerships might give you some perks, it also set you back in certain aspects. Read on to find out and have better-informed decision.

Have you ever considered if you should buy a car from an official dealership or an individual seller? It must be the most difficult decision you have to make ever when buying a vehicle as both ways have their own advantages and disadvantages. With the following guide, Naijauto hopes you will have more information to make the right decision.

Buying from dealers is one of the most popular ways of purchasing cars in Nigeria. Normally, dealerships only sell new vehicles, but you totally can find numerous dealers selling both new and used cars in the country. Take time to research and study these dealers and you might find that it is a good choice to buy a second-hand car from dealers.

Check some below pros and cons of buying a used car from a dealer.

1. The advantages of buying a used car from the dealerships


All official dealerships should give you a warranty for cars they sell on their premises. As a result, if your car has any problems during the warranty period, you can bring it back to the dealers to demand a refund or get your vehicle repaired for free.

3 man repaires a used car  for free

If your car has any problems during the warranty period, you can bring it back to the dealers
to demand a refund or get your vehicle repaired for free

Easy contact

Easy contact is one of the big pros of dealerships. The buyer could contact them easily if having any car matters. Moreover, official dealers usually have social media pages, landline phones and websites that allow customers contact them quickly and easily.

a man contact the dealership

Easy contact is one of the big pros of dealerships

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Financing options

Buying a car in the dealerships don’t require you to pay the entire cost of the car right away. If you don’t have enough money, dealerships would offer you some car financing options. All you need to do is signing the contract and separating the cost into equal parts. After finishing these steps, you totally can drive the car home and pay for it within several next years.

car and money

Buying a car in the dealerships don’t request you give all your payment immediately

Less risk of scam

When buying a vehicle, you are able to get the high risk of getting scammed. However, if you buy the car from dealers, this problem will be much less likely to happen. The reason is that they always have strict controls on selling procedures, so your money would be safe and your purchasing process can go smoothly.

a salesman and cars

The dealers always have strict controls on selling procedures

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If you buy a car from private sellers, you need to supply all of the necessary papers. In contrary, dealerships will provide you with all papers you need to read and sign as an attempt to push the buying process faster and more convenient to their customers, and prove their good customer services.

Car's key can paperwork

The dealerships should provide you with all paperwork to have a carefully and sign in

2. The disadvantages of buying a used car from dealerships

Higher prices

It’s true that you would pay remarkably higher prices from official dealers compared with ones from individual sellers, which include insurance, additional fees for warranty and et cetera. Therefore, you might pay more money when buying a car from the dealers, but let's be fair, you receive added values.

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No room for negotiation

Most car dealers don't accept negotiation on the price. In contrast, you are able to negotiate with private sellers and normally, they would be happy to lower the price.

a man and women negotiate with female seller

You can negotiate nothing if buying a car from the dealerships

Sales team

The dealership sales team can be helpful but they can also try to get you spend more money at the dealership because the more you pay, the more commission they get. Remember, whether you use the sale service or not, the purchase decision is still yours.

a salesman serve a man .

The more expensive car they sell, the more commission they get

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