9 most common car-buying mistakes to avoid


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Be a smart buyer by knowing the following 9 don'ts while shopping for your next car.

Buying a car is definitely an excitement yet also a major challenge. Finding an affordable vehicle yet still satisfies all of your needs is always a difficult task. Before deciding which one to go for, it is very important to read as many useful buying tips and reviews as possible. You must have known quite well about what we should do when buying a car. Well, but how about things that we shouldn’t? Our article will help you realize 9 most common mistakes that car-buyers usually make during car buying process.

1. Show hopelessness to seller

A golden rule while buying anything is never showing your desperation to the seller. By expressing too obviously how passionate you want the car, you will weaken you negotiation position. Be judicious. Don't let yourself be fooled by old selling tricks such as: “Some have ordered the car for a higher price and this evening they will come to get it”. Always stay calm no matter how excited you are to own that car otherwise you will let the sellers push you to pay more than what it actually costs.

A buyer is satisfied with saleman

A golden rule while buying anything is never showing your desperation to the seller

2. Go for the cheapest deal

Everyone knows the cheapest deal does not neccesary make the best deal. In fact, many people have been tricked then bought poor quality or illegal cars. And it is unfortunate that most of the car dealers in Nigeria are not kind enough to scream at you to tell their selling cars are stolen or shabby. They just care about how they can sell their cars as soon as possible.

3. Buy in a hurry

Buying a new car requires buyers to consider carefully a lot of factors before paying their hard earned money for dealers. If you buy a car in haste, you might soon suffer from troubles and disappointment with your vehicle. The car you buy will become your close friend, a family member and even your second house. So don’t rush yourself. Take time to research, compare price, quality, brand, condition and then find out your best match.

4. Want to buy the newest version

I might be interested in a Toyota Corolla 2008 because it is the latest model of that design. However, I would still go for the 2003 because they look basically the same. Most of 2008 models cost more when being bought from the United States or Canada and the customs at the Port of Lagos are also certainly higher. Therefore, if you are in need of saving money, it is better to buy the 2003 Corolla instead of trying to buy a refurbished 2008 version. The difference in both cars may not match the price’s difference and this is also true with many other brands and models.

angular front of a green toyota corolla

Most of 2008 models cost more when being bought from the United States or Canada

5. Not have a proper check before buying

Many people underestimate the significance of careful inspection before purchasing a vehicle. You should look through all information, database and history of the car such as papers, vehicle identification number (VIN), and diagnostic scan. This is a very important step because it ensures the car’s legality and helps you avoid a lot of uneccesary troubles in the future.

6. Spend the last Kobo on your next car

You might have heard about many cases in which people go totally broke after buying a car. They fail to anticipate that the car will need some extra money for care services, maintenance, and fuel loading after the purchase. Of course, this spending is unplanned, or in other words, falls out of their initial budget. As a result, some have to give up driving their newly-bought cars down the roads as they cannot afford the fuel expense, while some even fall into mounting debts.

7. Choose the car just because of its appearance

This is one of the most common mistakes made by car buyers. They pay too much attention to the clean exterior, while underestimating the significance of checking what lies under the hood.

A buyer choose a car because its appearance

Choosing the car just because of its seem-to-be-flawless appearance is our common mistake when buying a car

8. Want to own the unique car in town

People usually say that "one-in-town car, one-in-town problem.” That is not wrong. Driving a one-in-town is the greatest feeling because your car is unique and you will be like the pioneer of the model in town. However, it also brings some troubles such as no reliable service center and lack of parts for replacement.

Still, there is one way to solve this problem. Some people who like to drive the unique car in town often buy a normal car like Honda Civic, Toyota Camry, and Mercedes-Benz E-Class. Then, they will change and replace some parts of the car, decorate it elaborately to make it become one of a kind. But don’t overdo because you may make your car become a catastrophe.

9. Buy a car because someone else has it

We often make the mistake of buying a particular car because our friends or neighbors are also driving one. We think that the car must be so good that our friends and neighbors buy and use it. But the fact is we cannot tell what kind of problems they are actually suffering from. Different finance status, budget and preference makes different buying decision. That is why we always advide you to do your car research carefully. Never buy a particular car just because someone else seems satisfied driving it.

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