8 exterior car parts that you most likely don't know their names and what they do


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Every part of a car has a name and we are sure you don't know the names of these parts and what they do. To discover, read on!

One of my favourite things about life is that you learn every about cars every day no matter how much you already know. If you are a follower of cars, you will have had moments when you have to teach your friends, family or colleague a few things about life especially if you are a daily reader on Naijauto. 

Well, it is another day to learn again so get in here. 

I thought about 8 exterior car parts that you most likely don't know their names because they are not talked about enough and I would also tell you their functions. You know that a lot of parts can be added to your car but make sure it is not one of those illegal pimping of cars that a lot of Nigerians do to their cars. 

8 Exterior Car Parts you don't know their names!

1. Side Skirts 

Side Skirt is the plastic area on the side of your car just beneath the two doors. It actually has its own benefits especially to cars that are very close to the ground and are meant for fast driving purposes like performance/sports cars.


Yeah, you knew side skirts but didn't know the name

Side skirts reduce the amount of high-pressure air that wants to go under your car from the side of the car. This high-pressure air will cause your car to be unbalanced as you drive at high speed. The air will be pushing your car off the ground. The side skirt prevents all that air from entering under the car. 

Some cars just have regular panels running beneath their doors on the side of the car. These are non-functional side skirts.


A highly functional side-skirt on a sports car

Functional side skirts always have a protruding shape that wants to fight the wind.

2. Thermal Lines 

Thermal lines are also known as the rear windshield defrosters and it answers the question ' why do cars have lines at the rear glass?'. Those brown lines on the back of a car glass are what are called thermal lines. They serve as a heating device to clear your rear glass of water during a wet weather condition. They are very important when driving a car through rain/wet conditions in Nigeria


Can you see the brown lines yet?

A lot of cars in Nigeria always have dew settled on it early in the morning and using a piece of clothing to clean it might not dry it off immediately. Once you press the defroster button like in the picture below, it clears the rear glass off any form of water. 


Once you press this button, the thermal lines get hot and warm the glass to dry off the water

Those lines are called thermal lines because they generate heat when you switch on the button. 

3. Side Moulding 

Side moulding is that piece of plastic that runs on the side of your car or on the door of your car. It is actually there for protection and beauty for the car.


For beautification and protection

The side moulding prevents your door from being scratched when you open it against a wall or obstruction. They also enhance the looks of a car. 

Once it has been scratched too many times, you can easily take it out and fix it at your panel beater's and painter's shop. 

4. Window Trims  

Window trims are those piece of metal/plastic that is fitted around the window of a car. Most of the window trims in cars today are chrome looking. Chrome a silver looking piece of light metal. 


That is a Window Trim

Window trims do not only serve as beauty but they seal your car from harsh weather conditions like rain. They fill in the gap between your window and your door frame because your glass cannot be directly touching the body panel of the car, it will easily break if you slap the door. 

The way you can paint/wrap your car, you can also paint/wrap your window trims so that they can add beauty to your car. 

5. Quarter Panel

Quarter Panel is a part of the car nobody talks about. That part of the side of a car runs from the rear door to the boot of the car. 


That part in red is the Quarter Panel of the car 

The quarter panel of a car houses the wheel well of the car. 

6. Roof Rack

The roof rack is the top part of most SUVs that have been designed to carry luggage. The roof rack is attached to the roof of cars so that you can easily load luggage on the top of your car without scratching the actual body of your car's roof.


That stuff on top is the roof rack but this has a roof box on it too

It also has a provision for tieing a cable or rope in case you need to carry items like a mattress. 


Without roof racks, you cannot tie anything on your car

Roof rack also enhances the beauty of a car especially if the car is meant for an offroad adventure. Some supercar owners attach roof rack to their cars just to fit a roof box for aesthetics and more space to fit luggage.


Can you see how beautiful this Lambo looks with the roof box?

Lastly, a roof rack will come in handy when a person needs to be strapped tightly onto the roof of a moving car. A lot of cameramen hold on to the roof rack when taking motion pictures. 

7. Stepping Board/Running Board

Stepping board or running board is simply that part of a high clearance car that you step on to easily gain access into the car.


It is a ladder on tall cars

High clearance cars are cars that are high above the ground like trucks and SUVs. The stepping board just acts like a ladder to help you get in your car. 

8. Spoiler

A spoiler on a car sounds like a bad word but it does the car a lot of good. A spoiler is that winglike attachment to the back of a car that allows the car has better aerodynamics. Spoilers act like a wing at the rear of a car and this is how it works. 


This is what most common car spoilers look like 

A spoiler spoils the flow of air that is trying to hold down your car from going faster against the wind. The spoiler bounces off the air from your car and allows your car to drive faster through the wind.


This is how a car spoiler works 

A lot of spoilers make your car look better and more attractive. In the world of racing, a spoiler does more than this but let us kill it here. 


Now that you know about 8 exterior car parts that you most likely didn't know their names, you can brag differently when you talk about cars with your friends and don't be too selfish to teach them. 

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