These are the 7 worst Toyota cars you can buy in Nigeria; Toyota is not perfect


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Yes! Toyota makes the most reliable cars but here are the 7 worst Toyota cars you can buy in Nigeria. Read on to discover.

Close your eyes and think about the one car brand that has served Nigerians the best in the last 40 years. If Toyota does not cross your mind then you owe them an apology. Toyota makes the cheapest and reliable cars that Nigerians buy till date even though we now have a lot of competitions springing up to fight that.

Sadly, bad cars exist in the name of Toyota also because there is no perfect car manufacturer. We would be showing you the 7 worst Toyota cars you can buy in Nigeria and the reasons we think they are the worst from the good pack of Toyota cars we have around today.


A line-up of the most reliable cars ever made

When we say worst Toyota cars, it does not necessarily mean they are bad cars that you cannot buy. It just means they don't perform the way an average Toyota car would perform in the most fundamental areas of considerations.

What should a Toyota car feel like?

The best Toyota cars in Nigeria already has a standard all over the world for offering the best reliability in cars and also the easiest driving dynamics. Nobody expects speed from a Toyota but balance in all areas and comfort in driving.

The build of Toyota cars should be average enough to age properly and its interior materials should not be falling apart because it is not a luxury car but is the perfect balance for a comfortable car.

Lastly, a Toyota car should be very economical and affordable. We can confidently tell you that the proper maintenance of Toyota cars in Nigeria is the simplest thing after ABC.

So what are the 7 worst Toyota Cars ever made?



The egg-shaped Toyota Previa

The first one in the list of the worst Toyota cars in Nigeria is the first-gen Toyota Previa is a rolling-egg design van that was very weird at the time because it didn't have a well-defined hood. It is a mid-engine car and a family car. It got very awkward when it is time to repair and you had to lose car parts from inside the car for a family van. It was not as bad because you could access major parts from the conventional hood. 


This is the unusual mid-engine setup of a Toyota Previa

Also, the Previa was very slow because it used a four-cylinder engine which later got a supercharger for more power but the supercharger noise was very disturbing.

The issue with the Previa is just aesthetics not reliability. It got replaced by the Toyota Sienna then a new Toyota Previa was developed later that addressed all the issues with the vehicle.

2. 1999 Toyota Camry Solara 

The first-gen Toyota Solara was intended as a replacement for the Toyota Camry Coupe and it failed to do just that. A lot of Nigerian buyers won't have known that a Coupe is expected to have a certain level of fun driving abilities but the Solara had none of that.


Ths Solara is meant to be sporty, but unfortunately it is not

The Camry Sedan even drives better than the Solara and then the convertible was worse because it had no reinforced chassis to support its convertible nature. The Solara is just a Toyota show car that does not perform its due diligence.

3. 1999 Toyota Echo

The Toyota Echo was an early 2000s car with no power window and had only basic features like power steering, power mirrors, air conditioning, and a clock as options but this was not the greatest flaw of the Echo.


You must have spotted this car here and there around Nigeria 

It's tall body structure and low-quality build made it a tiring car for regular Toyota buyers. The low-quality interior even made this worse. The Echo has a reliable engine and drive train but it just wasn't a comfortable car to drive. When you buy a used Toyota car in Nigeria, you expect that its interior will not fall apart quickly but the reverse is the case for the 1999 Toyota Echo.


You see the interior looks awkward

4. 2007 TOYOTA RAV4 

The Toyota RAV4 reviews in Nigeria have proven to us that it has to be one of the best compact SUVs in the Nigerian market because of its functionality and high-reliability scores. 

The third generation of the RAV4 is what has sparked a debate on the credibility of the Toyota RAV-4 series, especially the 2007 year model. This model has received too many complaints that have made us conclude it is one of the worst Toyota cars ever built.


Rav-4 looks innocent but deep down troublesome 

There are problems with the water pump on the V6 versions and an unexplained knocking sounds from the front suspension when the SUV is travelling at low speed. Transmission issues and a whole lot of problems just makes this RAV-4, not our typical Toyota.

Avoid the 2007 RAV-4 no matter how cheap or clean it looks.

5. 2001 Toyota Prius 

The next car that should be listed in the list of the worst Toyota cars in Nigeria is the 2001 Toyota Prius. The vehicle had only one job: to reduce the cost of fueling a regular Toyota family sedan by half but it failed to do this. The interior space of the Toyota Prius could not fit the average Nigerian family and this is why you would hardly find these cars in Nigeria.


Toyota Prius is not common in Nigeria because it is hybrid

The Prius costs almost as much as roomier mid-size sedans of the same year and the savings in fuel was not forthcoming so it really is amongst the worst Toyota cars ever made.

6. 2007 Toyota Camry

2007 was really a bad year for Toyota and it reflected also in the Camry aka muscle. Calm down, we know the car is very popular in Nigeria but is it the 2007 model?


Who would have thought the muscle would be on this list? 

Toyota worked on the 2008 model to be better than the 2007 but they looked the same. The Camry had a lot of engine issues that never comes with a Toyota like constant oil refills, brake failure, melting dashboard and transmission issues.

7. 2007 - 2012 Toyota Corolla 

The Corolla is the last car you were expecting to see on this list. The Corolla is the world's best selling car but it is on this list because of a discovery that was made in 2017.


One of the best looking Corollas ever 

It was found that the Takata Alpha airbags which had been fitted in the vehicles were dangerously faulty. During an accident, the inflators in the faulty airbags could inflate with too much force, potentially spraying the occupants of the vehicle with metal fragments.

This recall won't affect the Corollas in Nigeria; however, so we advise that if you drive this car you should pay attention to the airbag light on the dashboard.


We have shown you the 7 worst Toyota cars you can buy in Nigeria; Toyota is not perfect and this has been proven from this article. Toyota still remains the most reliable car brand in Nigeria and you can check the review of any Toyota car on our NAIJAUTO.COM car review section.

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Toyota Echo


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