6 useful tips for purchasing cars without repair expense worry


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Repair expenses are not a big deal anymore with our 6 practical tips.

Cars are one of the most expensive possession of human being's life. A car is not simply a vehicle, it also reflects the personality of its owner. Looking at cars, surrounding people can predict the car owners are elite, well-off or normal class.

For these reasons, before paying a large amount of money for owing cars, car buyers should consider different options. However, Nigerian citizens do not have so many options just due to their income level. In addition, they hold the firm belief that down the road, cars could meet some breakdowns and the spare parts from the brand names are authentic and easy to find. The car options are open, but the could-be mechanic breakdowns and fake spares scare buyers from unfamiliar brands.

For the car buyers' sake, here are 6 useful tips for choosing a car:

1. Determine your budget:

Frist thing comes to your mind is the concern: "How much does it cost?"

determing car budget

Your dream car should come together with your available budget

Your dream car should come together with your available budget. You may have already kept eyes on a car, but if its price is sky-high and absolutely out of your afford then this car is not the perfectly suitable one at that moment. Plus, even though your saving is enough to buy it, are you willing to spend the whole money just for a car? So, another question raised is that how much is the maximum amount you can spend on a car? If it exceeds 20% of your net income, you'd better not buying it.

Besides car price, don't forget maintenance expense.

No matter how expensive your car is, the arising problems are undeniable. Car maintenance is a part of car ownership. Enjoy your car but if its maintenance costs are unbearable for your budget, it is advisable that you look for another one.

2. Sign up for financing options where available

car fiancing options

Asking financing options available at the dealers

Let's be honest with ourselves, our spending society in Nigeria is not high. When go shopping or buying something, your cash transaction before and after is vice versa: bring a great deal of cash but finish with many shopping bags, which equals such a little of money or nothing left.

Before you go for your fantasy auto, asking for financing options from the dealers if this service is available. You think there is no such thing? Ask the auto dealer and you will be stunned when you find out what you have been missing. Amortization is such a great advice for car buyers because it is not easy to pay fully at once.

3. Do trade-in if possible

trade-in car

To be quick and easy, trade-in is a smart choice

You own a car already, but it no longer pleases you as it used to, or it is just because you fall in love with another advanced car, trade-in is a good suggestion for you. Of course, your car must work well still and has no serious problem. The trade-in deal not just eases your financial burden for a new car but avoiding the waste of used cars as well. You should walk into the dealership store and ask whether they accept to do trade-ins or not.

It is clear that you can sell your used car by yourself with a greater deal than trade-ins; but please consider if you can calculate a reasonable price and a lot of messes that may come along. To be quick and easy, trade-in is wiser.

4. Find spare parts and replacement cost

washing and replacement expenses

Finding spare parts and its cost

Have you ever had a thought why some cars look shining all the time, but some look dirty although they are brand-name cars? Let me remind you that how your car look depends on your payment for washing and car beauty service. Meanwhile, your car works smoothly at first, but your driving experience becomes worse step by step. All this bad is because it was not performed maintenance usually.

Another pressing issue is finding spare parts and its cost. In case that a rear mirror is stolen, you want to find the other one from the same brand but you have to wait for shipping during 2 months, are you willing to accept that condition? Worse still, if the spare parts are not available, how can you deal with it? What's next, do you have enough related knowledge to check the replacement parts or just trust that you will not be hoaxed by the mechanics?

5. Get a comprehensive insurance

car insurance

 Buying an insurance for your car right away for the long run saving

It is the hurting fact that the percentage of cars having insurance is low in Nigeria today. If you have a consciousness about the would-be unfortunates, buying an insurance for your car right away for the long run. Seeking a suitable insurance for your car and fitting your finance is not easy as most people think, so ask the help from previous buyers about reasonable insurance price, insurance quotes.

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6. Sign up for vehicle repair contact

Vehicle repair contract

Vehicle repair contract covers the maintenance cost

Regardless of whether your car is brand new or a tokunbo, repair is an essential need. In Nigeria, Vehicle Repair Contract is a new term. Its objective is to guarantee you will have the best driving experience with your fantasy car while there is no need concerning repairs because Vehicle Repair Contract covers it all.

It is like a piece of cake to purchase a car without caring about maintenance cost also the longevity of the engine. To be clear, each vehicle has its own track records of reliability and longevity, and its motors need to be replaced around 80,000 miles. In addition, the current exchange rate of the naira is prohibitive so car owners should be self-aware of your car's status to save money on this fee.

One of the most popular and reliable vehicle repair contracts is MyMotoShield's vehicle repair contract (VRC). This company covers the expenses of repairs and replacement to mechanical and electrical vehicle segments that happen in the ordinary course of use. Of course, there are some costs will be unpaid by  MyMotoShield. Thanks to the systems: Administration Level Assertions (SLAs) and high-quality warranty spare backup parts, MyMotoShield can supply great service. Furthermore, customers will not be worried about the quality anymore because the spare parts are warrantied in 6000 KM/six months. All the service of MyMotoShield is such a big perk for car owners, so why don't you get one for your car.

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