6 mistakes car drivers often commit when shopping for car accessories


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Some car drivers look for temporary solutions and ignore the long-term effects when it comes to treatments for their cars. Check out the 6 most common mistakes about using car accessories.

Some car drivers look for temporary solutions and ignore the long-term effects when it comes to treatments for their cars. For example, they often get a wrong notion that perfumes will cease the car’s odor but in a long run, it even worsens the interior’s smell. Check out our 6 mistakes car drivers often commit when shopping for car accessories.

1. Attaching too dark insulation films

In the summer, many car owners opt for thermal insulation films (heat resistant film) to protect the car in the intensely hot weather. Mistakenly, they usually select the darkest possible films without knowing its side effects. In particular, the use of dark insulation film will undermine observing ability of car drivers, especially at night time. Many car owners use dark films to cover both side windows and then cut away a small part in order to observe through the mirror. However, that is not a radical solution because drivers need to observe through the windows in all directions.

Car heat insulation film rates

When buying car accessories, car owners often prefer to turn to dark films, despite the fact that it should be avoided

Solution: In this case, the simplest solution is to select high-transparency insulation and preferably avoid color film. Transparent films with 50-70% transparency rate are the most common recommendation for its safety and moderate sun protection level.

2. Adding too thick rain covers

The rain covers are popular amongst all accessories here in Nigeria in the rainy season. The rain cover is designed to keep raindrops not falling into the car interior when the side windows open.

Normally, the rain cover is made of plastic material, sticking directly on the doors’ edges, to shelter the car interior from raindrops falling inside when opening the side windows. However, many car owners often choose rather thick ones, even exceeding 3cm in length for some types, which limit the driving visibility. This will be more dangerous when traveling in dark and foggy conditions.

side mirror rain cover

Many car owners often choose rather thick rain covers, which limit the driving visibility

Solution: Drivers should choose long rain cover with the medium thickness to avoid vision block, preferably under 3 cm width.

3. Bringing in too large rear and front bumpers

For heavy traffic conditions in our country, bumpers installation would be extremely necessary. Car bumpers help to avoid scratches caused by light traffic collisions. However, experts say that the bumper installation might steal the elegance and aesthetics from your beloved vehicle. In addition, they can narrow the driving angles when going up or downhill, especially on the SUV, crossovers or vehicles that do regular off-roading.

an off-road Ford with large front bumper

Large bumpers can narrow the driving angles when going up or downhill

Solution: If you are still sticking to the bumper installation idea, it is highly recommended that you go for small types, with excessive width under 4 cm so as not to affect the operation performance of the car as well as the registration papers.

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4. Using the floor mat that doesn't have any latches

Normally, buying a car carpet is not important but is quite necessary on the car accessories lists. The wrong choice will make your car dirty just after a short time.

When choosing a carpet, the most common mistake of the car owner is to choose the type of carpets without fixed latches. More specifically, car mats are usually divided into two types, including:

  • Carpets designed specifically for cars: The carpets are made following specific styles for popular vehicles, which are often sold at the dealer.
  • Tailored carpets: Basic type and relatively low-priced carpets, tailored to buyers' requirements.

Designed carpets have the size advantage that fit it to the vehicles. Yet the disadvantage is they are only available for popular car types. If you choose to buy an unpopular fancy car, you will have to go to the tailored types. This is the time when it could go wrong.

After having your carpet tailored, many car users assume that the work is done without knowing that no pin or latch will cause slips after using for a period of time. In those cases, the carpet may be stuck to the brake pedals, accelerator, clutch pedal, which may cause dangerous while driving.

The floor mat inside a car

When choosing a carpet, the most common mistake of the car owner is to choose the ones without fixed latches

The solution: You should inquire about carpet lines with hooks or fixed pins. If the carpet you are buying does not have those parts, ask the supplier to make you one.

5. Not giving careful consideration when buying car roof rack

There are families who love to travel away. They often choose to buy a rack on the car roof, making it more convenient. However, it may be considered redundant, especially when you only use it for a couple of times during the year, mainly when going away. Meanwhile, you always have to carry a big expensive rack which is hard to be serviced and also not aesthetic. Not to mention, the rack will add weight to the car and reduce its aerodynamic, thereby increasing its fuel consumption.

Angular fonr of a SUV with a roofrack

The rack will add weight to the car and reduce its aerodynamic, thereby increasing its fuel consumption

Solution: You should only install the rack if you are using a small vehicle like Hyundai Grand i10, Kia Morning, Chevrolet Spark. The volume of these cars' cargo space is often not large enough, so an additional rack will be beneficial. In addition, the light weight and low price of those cars will make up for the added weight and the fuel consumption issues.

6. Abusing perfume/fragrance in the car

Often, both old and new cars have distinctive scents. New cars often waft from the cabin material such as seat leather, carpet or automotive glue. Old cars have sweat smell, old leather or cigarette smell. These mixed smells, combined hot and humid weather could cause uncomfortable feelings to occupants. To better this situation, many car owners often choose to bring fragrant bags or perfume along. At first, this will help the owner feel very comfortable. However, over time, when the interior of the car is not thoroughly cleaned, it will become more disastrous mixing with scented bags or perfume. Additionally, perfume in the car will make the car-sickness person suffer more.

The view from car's cabin

At first, perfumes may help occupants feel comfortable but over time, it becomes repugnant if the car's not regularly cleaned

Solution: Experts often advise that the best scent of the car is natural air. You should not try to put in too much smell. Instead, clean the cabin car as it will help to avoid smells. If you feel uncomfortable, choose a tea bag or small coffee bags to absorb the smell.

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