Top 6 affordable Toyota cars that are underrated in Nigeria


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Before you set out to buy your next Toyota car, you should definitely check out these top 6 affordable Toyota cars that are underrated in Nigeria!

1. Why do Nigerians love Toyota Cars?

It's a no brainer that Toyota is presently the hottest brand in Nigeria. Interesting enough, this trend is quite similar in many other countries within Africa as well as all over the world right now. The love and trust that people have for the Japanese brand mainly stems from its dependability, reliability and affordability. On a normal day, cheap cars are expected to lack important performance ingredients because of cheap raw materials. Surprisingly, such has never been the case with Toyota products. But on another note, we can say that Nigerians generally just love Japanese products, which explain the wide acceptance of other car brands like Honda, Mitsubishi and Lexus (a company within Toyota). Potential car owners in Nigeria look for six basic things before they buy a car. These are:

1. Durability 

2. Fuel economy 

3. Maintenance 

4. Resale value 

5. Safety 

6. Availability of replacement parts. 

Toyota products have met these requirements in flying colours. In fact, most mechanics in Nigeria are naturally Toyota specialists. This is obviously a result of too many Toyota owners in Nigeria. Whether you are opting for an SUV, a sedan, a van or a bus; there will always be someone down the street already using that same Toyota model as well. If you are not careful, you might even mistake someone else's car for yours when you newly make a car purchase in Nigeria.

Toyota is such a perfect brand that caters for both the rich and the poor. This is why you will find many people using it as private cars, official cars and also for commercial purposes. It is a cost-effective brand and low-income earners can easily find Toyota products in the market that suit their budget. With all that said, it should be a wonder that many Nigerians always opt for just a few Toyota models and ignore the others. Surprisingly, these commonly ignored models are even more affordable and powerful than the "mainstream" ones you see every day. Yes, this is the reason why the next section of this article highlights the top 6 affordable Toyota cars that are underrated in Nigeria.


Before you dash out to buy your next car, take a look at some affordable and underrated Toyota cars in Nigeria

2. Affordable Toyota cars that are underrated in Nigeria

We all know how much Nigerians love popular Toyota models like Camry and Corolla. Despite being a top brand, you will be surprised that there are some really nice Toyota models that most Nigerians overlook when hunting for new vehicles in the market. These models are quite effective and top of the range among cheap Toyota cars in Nigeria. Sadly, they are overlooked. Go through the list below to see the top 6 affordable Toyota cars that are underrated in Nigeria.

2.1. Toyota C-HR

It's quite surprising that many Toyota lovers in Nigeria underrate the C-HR model despite complaining of the overall look of most Toyota products. Toyota C-HR is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and it offers a unique feel of a nice, noticeable ride on the road. We understand its production began in 2013, but many still feel like Nigerians are getting used to the idea of a subcompact crossover SUV.

It's not fair to say Toyota dug their grave in Nigeria by introducing such a segment of SUV to the auto market. It was a good move and it should come in good taste as well. However, many people overlook this beautiful model due to its high maintenance cost. Some users have lodged complaints online on recurring premature transmission issues, defective torque and occasional air conditioner issues. All these are not uncommon problems with their other Toyota cars as well. Nigerians often pick the Toyota RAV4 over the C-HR model since they share some resemblance in exterior designs. Regardless, the Toyota C-HR actually offers all the JUICY stuffs most Nigerians desire in a car.


When it comes to beauty, only a few popular Toyota products can stand beside the C-HR model

2.2. Toyota Avensis

Toyota Avensis was introduced in 1997 and discontinued in 2018 in the United Kingdom. Toyota Avensis was introduced as a family car, with enough space on the inside. It looks more like the spacious version of Corolla. There is a general belief that its European taste is the reason why many Nigerian car owners do not go for it. Nobody can argue that it's not beautiful enough as a compact car. The Toyota Avensis offers a well-styled exterior and interior as well. The fact that it shows some resemblance to the Corolla model makes a lot of car buyers in Nigeria just go for Corolla. Unbeknown to many, the Toyota Avensis is way more affordable and it comes equipped with mouthwatering features as standard. So, next time you are doing car shopping, you might want to test drive an Avensis and see for yourself.


Toyota Avensis has suffered greatly in the market due to fierce competition from the Toyota Corolla 

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2.3. Toyota Sequoia

When you look at a Toyota Sequoia, you begin to wonder why people will not splash their cash on a powerful, spacious and affordable Sport Utility Vehicle like it. Well, car buying in Nigeria has always been about popular choice. Of course, we are not vindicating Sequoia of some issues but some of them are peculiar with SUVs. The most common of all is the high fuel consumption level. This is also found with Land Cruiser, which has been a preferred option. The large SUV offers three variants of V8 powertrains with impressive off-road capability. What you will love so much about Sequoia is the cabin space and the fact that it's cheaper than Toyota Land Cruisers.


Toyota Sequoia is that perfect full-size utility SUV for every occasion in Nigeria

2.4. Toyota Avalon

Toyota Avalon is another model from the Japanese automaker that keeps you wondering why Nigerians are not drooling over it. In fact, it is one of the best Toyota cars in Nigeria when it comes to design. To date, Avalon offers the largest front-wheel drive from the company. The model is even classified as a luxury car as it offers you the driving experience you might not experience in most Toyota models. Before you jump to buy a Lexus, which is considered the luxury brand from Toyota, you should try out the Toyota Avalon. Avalon was introduced in 1998 as a long-wheeled version of the Toyota Camry. One issue owners always complain of is the problem of its dashboard constantly falling off. This has been a big stigma on the model despite it being fixed. This is why many Toyota lovers would rather go for Camry. 


An affordable luxury car like Toyota Avalon shouldn't be overlooked in the Nigerian market 

2.5. Toyota Yaris

The point that there are many versions of Toyota Yaris in the market might actually be its downfall in the Nigerian market. Yaris is one of the small Toyota cars In Nigeria. It is offered in variants such as sedan and hatchback. Most Nigerians would agree that Yaris has a good fuel economy and low maintenance cost, which is perfect for middle-income earners in Nigeria. Unfortunately, it suffers fierce competition from Corolla. It's a great car if you are in the market looking for an affordable, durable and easy to maintain car.


The presence of too many Yaris in the market probably got Nigerians confused on which one to buy

2.6. Toyota Venza

Perhaps, Toyota Venza is suffering from the "crossover syndrome" just like the C-HR. People love Venza but most people don't want to own it. What will even amuse you is that people already tagged it as a ladies’ car in Nigeria. As a manufacturer, you do not want your product to be limited to just one gender in the market. Toyota Venza is a crossover SUV that was built to satisfy those who love beautiful and spacious cars. The first generation of Venza was discontinued in 2015 but the Japanese automaker has resurrected the lineup with a redesigned look for the 2021 model. Just like Avalon, if you don't like the old, discontinued models, you can go for the new, facelifted models.


Nigerians are beginning to tag Toyota Venza with ladies 

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3. Useful tips for car buyers in Nigeria

Are you interested in buying a brand-new or used car in Nigeria? If yes, this information will be very useful to you before you approach the dealership. These useful tips do not only apply to those who are interested in buying Toyota but other brands as well. There are simple mistakes car buyers make at the point of purchase, which could easily be avoided. The truth is: most of these mistakes are common with people buying used vehicles. To avoid such situations, here are some of the tips you need to know as a car buyer.

3.1. Do enough Research

You need to do your research before setting out to buy a car. There are several products out there, most especially from popular brands such as Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Hyundai and so on. You need to do a proper market survey and price comparison. Cheap doesn't necessarily mean it's bad. It depends on what suits your taste. You can check our cars for sale section to know the price of cars that fall within your budget.

3.2. Inspect any vehicle you choose

It wouldn't hurt your ego if you go with someone who knows more about cars. It helps you to make smarter decisions during purchase. Why is this important? Inspection is very important when you are buying a car. You need to inspect important parts such as body panels, tires, interior, windshield, windows, air conditioner and heater functions. In short, you need to take your time and inspect every part. Most importantly, you need the presence of an expert to check the engine compartment. Some cars have lovely exterior and interior looks but very bad engines. This can incur a huge hole in your pocket if you buy such a car.

3.3. Vehicle documents are very important

When you ask for important car documents, you are not doing too much. It is within your right as a buyer to see these documents before you pay. Don't fall for tricks or sweet-talks so as to avoid buying a stolen car. Make sure you verify the authenticity of these documents. You must ask for updated insurance paper, proof of ownership, plate number allocation, duly stamped customs paper, roadworthiness and police report papers if necessary.

4. Conclusion

Perhaps, the reason why people underrate some Toyota models might be because of the availability of more suitable options from the same company. Options can be a blessing, especially for customers. However, they can also be a curse to other available models. After reading this post you might agree that other models are the reason why people ignore those Toyota cars discussed in this article. But in any case, you are now fully informed about the top 6 affordable Toyota cars that are underrated in Nigeria.

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