5 essential things to look for when buying a used Honda Accord


Posted by: Kennedy Ilediagu

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Honda Accord, known as End of Discussion, Discussion Continue, Anaconda, Evil Spirit etc, is a hot sedan in Nigeria. Check out our tips on how to buy the best used Honda Accord!

Most Nigerian drivers consider buying tokunbo or second hand cars that don't weigh down on their budget or clear every single kobo in their bank account. Asides affordability, car owners also want a car that is fuel efficient, and still meets other of their expectations. This is where the Honda and other Japanese cars come in. The Honda Accord is endeared and sought after by many car lovers in Nigeria. We at Naijauto know how important it is for you to save when you visit a dealership. That's why we have gone the extra mile to bring you 5 essential tips for buying used Honda Accord.

1. Check the engine of the used Honda Accord before purchasing

In as much as the Honda Accord is an upgrade from the Civic, there are some vibrations that usually occurs around the dashboard, engine and steering region. This vibrations usually gets intense as the day goes by and the vehicle gets older. So this is somewhat expected in a used Honda Accord.

You wouldn't want to spend millions of naira buying a car that will make you feel like you're driving around in a grinding machine. Therefore, if you can, test drive the vehicle to be sure these vibrations aren't there, or better yet, get your mechanic to check it out for you. Keep in mind that these vibrations don't come naturally. It's usually as a result of old age, and the fact that the used vehicle would have entered lots of potholes and rugged roads in the early stages of its life. Once you detect this vibration, get the seller to fix it or reduce the price for you.

2. Check the brakes

According to automobile expert tips and advice, while test driving the Honda Accord, use the same opportunity to know how good or bad the brakes are. Auto experts have advised Honda Accord owners to always look out for brake warping - which has somewhat become common with the model. So since you're buying used Honda Accord, you should expect that. In case you're wondering what brake warping is, this is when the surface of the brake rotor isn't flat anymore, but more uneven or inconsistent. This occurs when foreign materials and debris get deposited on the brake pads. It causes the brake rotors to warp and you would likely notice how the brakes shudder when you step on them gently.

You wouldn't want to be driving around in a car that has inconsistent brakes. When test driving, check the brakes too. It might mean that the calipers need to be changed. Don't worry about the brakes failing when driving it, the shuddering is actually very easy to detect.


Before buying used Honda accord ensure you test drive it and check for faults

3. Test the gears for any issues

The transmission system of any vehicle is one of its most important parts. The manual transmission of the Honda Accord is actually more reliable and lasts more than the automatic transmission variants. This doesn't make the car bad though, but rather keeps you in the know for when buying used Honda Accord. While test driving, check the gearbox.

Good thing is that there's an indicator on the dashboard. If you notice the D or the R on the dashboard blinking when you shift gears, know there's an issue. This problem isn't one that can't be fixed. It simply means the pressure of the transmission fluid is low or is leaking. It could also mean that the torque converter has been damaged. This won't stop you from being able to move the vehicle. Just that you would likely experience jerks when you shift the hears and the speed will drop - regardless of what gear you're on.

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4. Check how the doors lock and unlock

The Honda Accord Evil Spirit and more recent generations have a common problem of locking and unlocking the doors. Some drivers even complain that sometimes, the doors lock and unlock on their own when they're driving. Don't worry. This doesn't mean that the car will fling you out while behind the wheel. It simply means the lock actuators of the doors have gone bad. Well since its a used Honda Accord, you won't expect everything to be in perfect shape. It comes with old age, when the actuators haven't been touched or changed since the car was bought. In fact, some people sell their cars because of this issue, not knowing it can easily be fixed. They think it's probably some fault from the company or a spiritual attack. No need to worry, all you need do is either ask the owner to take the vehicle to an experienced Honda Accord electrician to replace it, or lower the price for you. Keep in mind that the actuator can only be changed not tweaked to work.

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5. Test the air conditioning

The Honda Accord End of Discussion model has this problem of blowing hot and cold. This doesn't mean that the Honda Accord doesn't have a great air conditioning system. In fact they rank high. But this issue happens when the condenser unit gets faulty. This fault occurs when it has piled up dirt from the road. Simply check it and if it's fine, then you're good to go.

Lastly, go with a Honda Accord mechanic who can carry out a check before you purchase. He also serves as a second eye, for issues you may not see at first glance. With these tips, we hope that your first experience buying used Honda accord will go perfectly as planned so you can enjoy all the benefits of owning the vehicle.

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Kennedy Ilediagu
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