5 reasons why you should not buy a V8 engine


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V8 engine cars sound like more power and speed but there are a lot of downsides to it.

I often hear people talk about how they badly want to experience what a V8 engine feel like on the road. However, you know the reasons why you should not buy a V8 engine car for your daily use.


This cute Mercedes-Benz E550 carries a V8 engine (E550)

Once you hear V8, what comes to your mind is speed but when you check the car market well, you will see that there are very few V8 cars that are not SUVs, high-performance cars and expensive cars but let us start from the basics

What are 'V8 engine' cars?

There are different types of engine setups, two of the most common ones are the V6 and V8 engines. V8 engine cars are simple cars that have been equipped with 8-cylinder engines arranged in a V shape of 4 cylinders on each side.


A typical V8 engine by Audi 

Common cars with V8 engines in Nigeria include the Toyota Sequoia, Nissan Pathfinder, Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon, Lexus GS460, Mercedes-Benz E550, Nissan Armada and others.

5 reasons why you should buy not V8 engine cars

1. They have a high fuel consumption rate

V8 engine cars are mostly fuel guzzlers, there is no bargain about this. Normal cars use 4 cylinders while V8 engines use twice as much as that and the fuel suffers for this.


This Nissan Armada is known as a Fuel Guzzler; it is a V8 engine car

V8 cars are not good daily driver cars because of this. However, V8 engines in SUVs makes them very good people carrier for long-distance travels.

The life of people with V8 engine sports cars is filled with fuel station visits because once the cars get stuck in Lagos traffic, for example, the car just keeps drinking petrol. 

2. Engine weight affects suspension

Because of the heavy engine in front, V8 cars often have front suspension issues in Nigeria, especially when they are driven on bad roads.

Parts like the shock absorbers, ball joints, drive shafts and bushings in front get damaged because of how much weight the engine impacts on them as the car gets driven.

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3. V8 engine cars need to be driven with deliberate carefulness

V8 cars are rarely front-wheel-drive cars because their engines are always mounted in a way that they have to use propeller shaft to be driven from the rear. The engines are big so that front-wheel-drive setup cannot work.

Rear-wheel-drive cars easily lose traction and also easily skid off the road, which means they have to be driven with care, especially around corners.


That's a V8 Dodge Charger that went off the road 

While there are many types of drive-train systems, I hope you are driving the best type that suits your purpose for driving. Knowing when to buy front-wheel drive or rear-wheel is very important. 

4. V8 cars have slow acceleration and noise

V8 engine cars often accelerate slower than V6 and 4-cylinder engine cars because of the weight of the car and also, their exhaust sound is often loud.


V8 cars tend to be noisemakers; this is a V8 Lexus GS

V8 engine cars cannot drive into places unnoticed and a perfect example is the Mercedes-Benz G63 that makes a lot of noise. However, this sound is desired by some drivers. 

5. Repairs are costly and take more time

V8 engine cars spend more time in mechanic workshops because they are more complicated to repair.


You can bet this is a complex engine to repair 

Nigerian mechanics don't even like working on V8 cars because to access some areas, a lot of components need to be taken out for the repair work to be easier. 


Now that you know the reasons why you should not buy a V8 engine car in Nigeria for your daily use, you are one less likely to run into a problem with buying cars in Nigeria. 

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