5 reasons why the Toyota 4runner for sale is the best SUV in Nigeria


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The Toyota 4runner for sale is an SUV that is not praised well enough in Nigeria. Let me explain to you why in this article.

I won't say the Toyota 4runner is under-rated, neither would I say it is over-rated but there is something very special about the Toyota 4runner in Nigeria that nobody seems to be talking about. Search through your mind and answer this question. It is no news that Toyota is amongst the best cars for Nigerian roads but let me ask, have you ever seen the Toyota 4runner in a bad light anywhere?.


The latest 4runner looks like this 

What is an SUV? SUVs are cars that have a high ground clearance because they are meant to be driven off-road and carry more people with larger interior space all at the same time. In Nigeria, we call them Jeeps because the Cherokee Jeep was the first common SUV in Nigeria. 

Today, I would be telling you 5 reasons why the Toyota 4runner for sale is the best SUV you can buy in Nigeria today. It would have been fair to say 'one of the best' but the 4runner won't be glorified enough if I swing that way. Just before I go into the 4runner praise song, a little history about the 4runner would come in handy.

Brief History of the 4runner

The 4runner started as a compact SUV produced by Toyota but it is now a mid-size SUV because the size has increased over time. As the name implies, it is an SUV that gives you the option of a four-wheel drive all the time. The 4runner is known as the Toyota Surf in Japan and since 1984 till date, it has been in production and on sales till present.


This was the first 4runner by Toyota 

Up until now, the 4runner has 5 generations. Now, what are the best things about the Toyota 4runner for sale in Nigeria

5 Reasons Why the Toyota 4Runner for sale is the best SUV for Nigeria 

1. Its reliability is top-notch for an SUV 

I drive the 3rd generation Toyota 4runner and this car has never disappointed me except when I don't do what I am supposed to do. A 4runner of any year model has only one job; start-up and move every day.

The 4runner is just so reliable with zero recurring problems. A car with no common illness is every car owner's dream. 

The 4runner commonly comes either in a V6 or a V8 with an automatic transmission attached. This provided enough power to move the 4runner at a decent speed across the road.

However, on the 3rd-generation 4runner, there is a ball joint issue that is simply caused by bad roads. In my car, I always get the signs before the ball joint fails completely.


The only 4runner that might mess you up on the road 

The 3rd generation 4runner is the only 4runner with this problem though. 

2. The Resale Value is very stable

Have you noticed that, unlike other mid-size and full-size Toyota SUVs, you would never see anyone in Nigeria upgrade/facelift a Toyota 4runner? Well, that is one of the key reasons why the resale value is up there. The facelifting culture of Nigeria is doing more harm than good.

The 4runner has kept a certain amount of decency in the Nigerian used car market. 


Facelifting a car makes it lose value easily

Cars like the Toyota Prado, Highlander and Land Cruiser don't have the resale value of the 4runner. A 4runner is gold.

The resale value of a 4runner is very stable and this just makes sense. The reliability is another thing that affects the resale value of the Toyota 4runner, Its spare parts are available everywhere, in the most prominent car parts market in Nigeria.

You know how expensive it is to clear cars at the customs in Nigeria? A stable resale value will come in handy as an attribute of your car. 

The 4runner is a car Toyota built to last and outweigh its purchasing cost. A car like this will easily retain its value. 

3. The functional ride height just makes sense 

Ride height is how high off the ground a car is. I can literally crawl beneath my 4runner because the ride height is not regular.


Lagos Potholes have nothing on you 

The 4runner is one of those cars that can survive any type of bad road in Nigeria and it would do that easily, all thanks to the ever available four-wheel-drive system. Older 4runners even have the auxiliary gear system that engages the 4wd in a more effective way to help you get out of any bad road condition you find yourself in. 

4. It has a lot of interior space 

Interior space is one heavy advantage of the 4runner over a lot of mid-size SUVs in production these days. You can never be uncomfortable in a Toyota 4runner SUV.


So much space and the best in-between!

What is, even more, is that the 4runner is a proper family car for travelling with a lot of cup holders and luggage space for passengers.  

5. The design keeps getting better 

Over the years, the 4runner has seen a beautiful evolution in exterior body design even up to the point that TRD had to step in and create a special off-road version.


What a beautiful design for an SUV!

The 4runner is currently the only Toyota SUV that is not following the new Toyota design language that the Highlander, RAV4 and Venza have put on. This just tells how special the 4runner line is to Toyota themselves.


You can see how they all look alike  

The 4runner is a special vehicle to Toyota and they plan to do more wonders with it. Can't wait to see the new generation of the 4runner. 

Toyota 4runner Price in Nigeria

Having broken down the Toyota 4runner, you need to know the price of this car in the market today.

Nigerian-used Toyota 4runner Price
Year  Price 
 1995 - 2002 ₦800,000 - ₦1,200,000 
 2002 - 2009   ₦1,200,000 -  ₦5,500,000
 2009- 2015  ₦4,200,000 -  ₦7,200,000 
2016 - 2021  ₦8,200,000 -  ₦15,000,000

Foreign-used Toyota 4runner Price
Year  Price 
 1995 - 2002  ₦1,200,000 -  ₦2,200,000
 2002 - 2009  ₦2,500,000 -  ₦6,200,000
 2009- 2015  ₦6,500,000-  ₦8,500,000
2016 - 2021  ₦9,000,000-  ₦1,500,000



That is all you need to know about the reason why I say the 4runner is the best SUV money can buy in Nigeria. For more car reviews, check out Naijauto.com.

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