5 handy tips on how to buy a used Honda CR-V


Posted by: Hassana Obi

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In love with Honda CR-V and want to buy a used one but don't know how to start? This article is for you!

The CR-V is one of the most favored mini-SUV in the Nigerian market. Car experts really appraise the CR-V, saying it's one of the most stable and most efficient in fuel economy, regardless of the production year of the model. Besides an elegant and stylish design, the car is equipped with many convenient and modern features for the driver.

However, not everyone is fortunate enough to find a cheap and quality used car. Naijauto provides you with 5 tips on how to check a used Honda CR-V and how to negotiate to get the best deal you could get.

1. Research the vehicle information

Before hitting the dealership, you need to know for all the information about the car you are buying, such as the standard equipment and the version of the vehicle. Checking information beforehand will help you get more general understanding when approaching your car at an old auto dealership or buying from someone you know. From there, you can easily spot the deficiencies of the vehicle and can ask in-depth questions to the seller. Ultimately decided to make a decision to buy or not.

the spec info of a CR-V

Really know the car before making any decision

2. Find a reputable business for old cars

Old cars are sole everywhere from dealers of old cars to websites or on Facebook. However, you can't just blindly trust them. It's ideal to ask for advice from experienced buyers to find the business with a high reputation

1 car seller and 2 clients

Find a reputable source for your own good

3. Inspect the car in person

It is advisable to go to an old car auto business with an experienced buyer, preferably a professional mechanic. They should be able to make a constructive and helpful comment about the car's condition. Besides, it will prevent the staff to butter you up and allure you to buy without really thinking about the car.

Here are some subtle details you should look for when buying a used car.

3.1 Exterior

Go around the vehicle and check the condition of the vehicle body whether the surface of the car has a ripple, convex or not. If there are, the car is likely to be refurbished, and you should drop this deal immediately. Check the balance of the car next to see if it is tilted or the four corners have been deflected. Because when the car was involved in an accident(s), the repair still leaves out some traces. Or maybe due to a malfunction that leads to the wheel bearing being broken.

About the car's lighting system, turn on all the exterior lights including headlights, headlights, brake lights, turn signals, and other lights such as fog lamps. Examine thoroughly to see whether or not they are scratched or damaged. 

the interior of a CRV

Check the bodywork as well as the interior of the car

Then, check the lower part of the car including the chassis and tires. You can ask the dealer to lift the car and put it on a bridge to check the underneath of the car carefully. Use a flashlight for more accurate tracking. If there is a leakage of oil or water, the engine has been in trouble before. Inspect both the Cardan rear axle and ensure that the rubber shaft of the shaft is evenly rounded. In case of cracks and lubricant leakage, this shaft is broken and you have to bear the expensive repair cost.

2006 Honda CR-V Start Up and Review 2.4 L 4-Cylinder

Finally, to check the condition of the tires, see the number of kilometers displayed on the car dashboard. If the ODO shows a small number of kilos but the tire are brand new, problems with the previous tires are a possibility. Next, check the brand and size of the tire if they match the manufacturer's design by turning the steering wheel to turn the wheels in one direction. Also, check the outside of the tire cover and the rim of the wheel to see if there are cracks. Collisions with the potholes will result in tire cracks that cause the wheels to deflect, sometimes so brutal that it damages the suspension.

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3.2 Interior

Check all the equipment inside the car including seats, steering wheel, dashboard and other facilities such as air conditioning, sound, ... Also, you should also check the brakes by checking the rotor of the brake disc. The surface of the disc should be flat and without grooves on the disk.

4. Test drive

Once you have checked the exterior and interior of your car, try giving it a test drive to reaffirm the condition of the car. You can get someone with experience to take the steering wheel because two is always better than one. The experience they have might come in handy to help you with the buying decision.

a CRV car

No honest seller wouldn't allow you a test drive

5. Negotiating price

The most important thing when negotiating the price is to do a research of the Honda CR-V price in Nigeria just to make sure you won't be lured into the trick of the seller. Most of car buyers regret they didn't request a cheaper price. Remember this psychological trick: Always ask for the price first when bargaining!

If you are satisfied with an old car, there are still some minor faults that need to be fixed and replaced. You should negotiate with the seller on who is going to pay that cost.

Once you both have reached an agreement, ask the seller to complete the necessary formalities such as the sales letter, the selling confirmation paper of the place where the seller resides, sales contract, confirmation record of the delivery of vehicles and documents on both sides. All documents must be made into 4 copies for both parties and clearly state the seller's address and vehicle details.

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Hassana Obi

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