5 best cars for dog lovers


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For many people, dogs are not just pets but also good friends and family members. In order to target the dog lovers, automakers are producing car models that are ‘canine friendly’.

In this article, Naijauto.com will provide some tips on what to consider before buying a car that will benefit both you and your pet, plus 5 cars that we believe to be the most suitable to dogs.

What should be considered?

Before deciding to buy a car, there are a few factors you must consider:

  • Space: The car must have a large trunk or spacious rear space to ensure your pet can move around, sit or lie down easily. Furthermore, the car also has to make it easy for your pet to move inside and jump out.
  • Suspension: Many dogs are very susceptible to car sickness, so a good and smooth suspension system is very important.
  • Safety system: Vehicles equipped with child lock and pet protection accessories will ensure safety when traveling with dogs.
  • Water: During long trips, your dog needs to drink plenty of water, so be sure to have water tanks that can be fit in the car.

With these criteria, experienced automotive experts believe that the cars below are the most suitable for dog lovers:

1. Honda CR-V 2017

Honda CR-V 2017 angular front

Honda CR-V 2017

The all-new Honda CR-V has been redesigned with lower chassis and a large rear window, providing an open view to the road behind when traveling. This will definitely make your pet happy and excited.

Additionally, the length of the luggage compartment is increased by 10 inches compared to the old version. A flexible design in the rear interior allows your dog to have an extra space of 9.8 inches deep and 1.4 inches tall whenever necessary. Even if you have a 40-50 kg dog, s/he will definitely fit in the CR-V 2017.

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2. Honda Odyssey

Honda Odyssey is not only a good car for your whole family, but also for your dog. The Odyssey 2018 is equipped with the superb Magic Slide seating in the second row seats, while the third row seats can be flexibly folded to create a spacious space for storage or for pets.

Honda Odyssey profile view

Honda Odyssey

There is also 3-zone automatic air conditioning in all three rows, plus sunproof windows in the second and third row. In addition, the car have the Cabin Watch feature, which is integrated with the screen and works like a rear-view. It provides the driver with clear vision backwards even when eyesight is blocked by two rows of seats.

3. Chevrolet Colorado

Chevy Colorado angular front

Chevy Colorado

This car is considered the "dream car" of the dog because it has all weather car mats, all seats covered with vinyl fabric and very easy to clean, flexible and foldable rear seats, and a low chassis to make it easy for the dog to move in and out of the car. Therefore, this car is definitely a smart choice for dog lovers.

4. Land Rover Discovery

Land Rover Discovery angular front

Land Rover Discovery

If you own a big and tall dog, this 4x4 car is the ideal choice for you. Thanks to its large cargo compartment and compressed air suspension system, the car is very spacious and quiet when moving. You will never need to worry if your dog would get car sick. However, you should buy rubber floor pads to avoid dog footprints on the uncovered rear car floor.

5. Subaru Outback

Subaru Outback angular front

Subaru Outback

The car is very handy if your dog likes to feel the wind when the car moves, since its small rear windows can be opened. Its robust design and excellent road grip ensure your family’s and your dog’s safety. The spacious luggage compartment and low chassis will serve your puppy well. In addition, Subaru features many pet-friendly features that you should try.

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