4 unpopular car brands in Nigeria that build really solid vehicles


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This article highlights 4 car brands that are not so popular here in Nigerian but they are just as solid and worth a try!

Nigerians generally love cars, that's why we currently have over 12 million cars in the country if we do a projection from the 2018 data released by the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics. However, only a few car brands contribute to this high volume. Brands like Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Toyota, Honda, Hyundai are the ones that have an almost perfect hold of the countries auto market with the rest struggling to get in.

These brands make sure they feed the Nigerian market with the idea that their models are definitely the best cars to buy and thus there is so need trying out products from other auto brands. Ultimately, they give the idea that these other obviously unpopular car brands possibly build " bad cars", but in truth, these guys build some really cool cars which can even out-perform these brands. Now, let's take a look at the most unpopular car brands in Nigeria that build some really cool car models.


1. Lincoln Cars

I always wonder why Nigerians don't really fancy cars with the Lincoln logo. Except for the very famous Lincoln Navigator, most other models of the Lincoln brand are not so popular in the country. Lincoln is surely one of the oldest car brands in the globe, founded in 1917 by a father and his son, Henry Leland, and Wilfred Leland respectively. The nameplate has seen its identity switch places and tumble over a few times before finally settling with its original name the Lincoln Motor Company in 2012. 

The brand builds some really cool cars, especially its sedan models, but these cars no dey just enter our eyes. For example, the Lincoln MKZ sedan model is just as good or even better than what you get from Toyota Avalon not even to talk of the Camry. It sure outwits the Camry for pace even with the Camry's higher engine power. Also from the SUV family, Lincoln's compact SUV category offering, the Lincoln MKC is just as good as what you get from the Toyota RAV4 or even the Toyota Highlander.


The Lincoln MKC is just as good as what you get from other Compact SUVs

2. Buick cars

Buick is another of those brands that build really cool cars that are unfathomably ones of most unpopular cars in Nigeria. Just like the Lincoln brand, Buick is another company with American roots. Established sometime in May 1903 by its founder David Buick. The automaker is credited as the first car manufacturer to incorporate the overhead valves OHV system in the design and production of car engines. 

The company builds cars that are just as competitive as the rest, even selling as much as 1.08 million cars last year. Its line up of cars is just as good, in fact taking a look at its sedan and SUV offerings gives you an idea. Buick Encore models are just as good as what you get from the likes of the Honda HR-V or even the Ford Escape. The Buick Encore even offers better safety features for car driving compared to what you get with the Honda HR-V.

You get to receive features like the In-Vehicle Assistance Services and knee airbags which you sure won't see in the HR-V. On the sedan side of the story, the Buick Regal is sure as good as what you get from others in the sedan class, comfortably coming toe-to-toe with the likes of Mazda 3 or Honda Accord.


Buick as much as 1.08 Million cars in 2019


The Buick Regal Sportsback can easily replace any sedan in your garage

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3. Subaru cars

I'm certain a good number of Nigerians don't even know that this is a Japanese company, which to some of us is just one of those American companies. The company was founded by Kenji Kita in 1953 and the company is currently worth about ₦499 billion. The Automaker has had a really strong presence in North America and in Asia where it has sold the most cars. Its line of cars is just excellent. For example the 2020 Subaru Outback models pose solid competition to the very popular Lexus RX models.

It costs far less than what the Lexus RX models, offers better fuel economy rating and looks just as good in terms of exterior aesthetics. However, I must say that the Lexus RX comes with a much bigger 3.5 Liter V6 engine compared to the Subaru Outbacks 2.5 Liter Flat 4 cylinder engine. So expectedly, the RX models produce more power and torque compared to the Outback. But the other important numbers the Outback returns makes it just as good for your garage, even bettering what the Toyota RAV4 gives.


The pricing of the 2020 Subaru Outback starts at just ₦9.8 Million

On the sedan side, Subaru has a number of these classes in its inventory including the likes of the Impreza and Legacy, with both delivering on quality and aethetics. The Subaru Impreza can comfortably replace the Honda Civic in your garage and even comes cheaper. It offers an all-wheel-drive option whereas the Civic only comes with Front-wheel drive. Still sadly, Subaru cars are still among the list of our unpopular car models in Nigeria.

4. Citroen Cars

This french automaker sure builds some really cool cars, and just like Peugeot, Citroen fraternizes a lot with manual transmission. Citroen was founded in 1919 by French industralist Andre Citroen and has its headquaters in Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine, a suburb of the city of Paris. The company is credited with being the first in the world to build the hydropneumatic self-levelling suspension for cars and the first company to mass-produce cars with the famous disk brakes in 1955. 


The pricing of the 2020 Citroen C5 Aircross starts at about 11 Million


The Citroen C5 is good competition for the Mazda CX-5

On the SUV side, Citroen C5 Aircross is just solid and can easily replace Honda CR-V as well as the Mazda CX-5 in your garage. You can be sure it can easily attack Toyota RAV4's place in your garage, as the Citroen C5 offers as much as 19 driver assistance technology in one car. Citroen also builds some really cool family cars like the Citroën Grand C4 Spacetourer is definitely an upgrade to the Honda Odyssey. Thus when making a decision on which car is best, you should seriously consider cars from the Citroen family.

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To recap

Good cars that are unpopular in Nigeria
N/O Car Brands
 1  Lincoln cars
 2  Buick cars
 3  Subaru cars
 4  Citroen cars

So the next time you plan on getting a new car, make sure to consider auto brands like the Citroen of this world, as well as other brands of cars like Lincoln models, Buick built cars and finally Subaru cars on our list of Unpopular car brands in Nigeria that build solid vehicles. We hope this was quite enlightening, that why we would love you to share with family and friends across your social media platforms. However, if you plan on buying fairly used cars, then Naijauto.com offers listings of the best used cars around where you will find several options of best cars to buy in Nigeria!

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