4 factors of driving experience to look when buying a car


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Good driving experience is one of the indispensable factors when choosing a car. Dive right in and check out!

When driving a vehicle, motorists often judge the car based on the firmness of the steering wheel, the car's reaction time and they also rely on the brake pedal, gearbox, chassis and the suspension system. That is the common way to evaluate a car - by their own sense of driving. But is this enough?

According to experts with automotive experience, the driving sensation should include everything that interacts and influences the driver, with four following main elements: the ergonomic design, control ability, level of comfort and performance, performance and the driving support technologies.

a happy man in a car

Don't rush to buy a car before checking it thoroughly

1. Ergonomic design

A design that is considered ergonomic includes a sensational design coupled with high-end materials. So, a clever design should be able to show the owner how sophisticated its details are, even with the smallest things like hand rest, how all the buttons on the tableau are positioned or how clear the Car Head Up display is (HUD). When the driver steps inside the car, do they feel comfortable? Is the seat positioned well so that they can move around tirelessly?

Correct Ergonomic Set Up In Your Car

In addition, the material used on the car is very important in creating a complete driving sensation, such as leather seats, steering wheel cover, door cladding, batons and buttons ... The structure and mechanism of the car must also be just right. It shouldn't include too many steps, or its operation and transition should be smooth.

a happy man driving his car

The criteria to judge a car's ergonomics are pretty subtle

2. The ability to control

The ability to fully control the car really is the key to a perfect driving experience. However, it depends on many things such as the designs of the car, how heavy, how big or how long it is. The layout of the engine and the smooth of the transmission system. Is it a 2-wheel drive (2WD) or a 4-wheel drive (4WD)? Not to mention the radius of one rotation, the width of the tires, the angle of the camber or the arms. All these factors will show that whether the car is responsive or not. The response rate of the wheel feedback, brake pedals, and the gearbox should be taken into account too.

a man driving the car

Being in full control is a make-or-break factor for some 

Also, the travel distance or the condition of the road you frequently drive could play a role in determining your experience with the car. If your route is full of potholes, you certainly would not feel good about the experience, thus develop a distaste for the car. What's more, we could judge the sensation driving in a car by the sturdiness of its brake and gas pedal.

Nowadays, modern models are mostly electric or automatic cars, so that the driving experience somehow became less enjoyable. Even though automatic ones are generally cheaper, a manual car is still a temptation for car enthusiasts.

3. Level of comforts and the NVH measure

The NVH measure ( Noise, Vibration, and Harshness) is different from the ergonomics. Ergonomics are more about the functionality and the feelings of the car when touched. Level of comfort based on the feels of all five senses. This is particularly important for people who have to travel great distances or to another country because it will decide on the health status of the owner. Apart from European brands, there is little to no other brands can do the same task as good. It is notable that this very factor would decide whether a car should be one segment or another.

The NVH measure, on the other hand, is an indispensable criterion when it comes to judging the comfort level of driving. A vehicle that's considered to have a high NVH measure should have a stable control of the road surface, also the tires and exhaust must not produce too much noise. The vibration, if there's any, should come mainly from the engine. The harshness part in the NVH measure is how the car responds when traveling through potholes, bridges or speed bump, it should produce a clean but not clattering sounds.

driving car in comfort

Be comfortable in your car, otherwise, why bought one?

Some vehicles don't have a high NVH measure not really because they don't want to do so because of the cost. Some developing brands are trying really hard but their efforts do not automatically translate to a car with high NVH measure. It's not only about how to make a good chassis design, a balanced suspension system, the material technology underneath but also the quality of the joints and the way the experienced engineers putting it all together to form a perfect combination. That's not to say we the NVH and level of comfort are not reliable, they are, especially when buying a used one.

4. Performance and Driving Technology

Performance is something that can be measured and displayed in numbers. For example, it can be ranked by how many horsepowers, torque, acceleration, top speed, braking distance, lap time, gear shifting time in 1/1,000 or 1/10,000 seconds. In general, the stronger the car, the more loaded, braking system and gearbox, efficient transmission, the better the performance of the car.

In addition, assistive technologies also help increase customer satisfaction. Some of the well-known driving technologies are listed as follows: such as Drive mode, Launch control (help the car to accelerate faster at the start), Traction control, ESP Sport, Drift mode and Torque Vectoring.

a woman tapping on the tableau

The assisting technology plays an important role in the overall driving experience.

In present days, the development of the hardware of the car is more restricted than the software and technology support due to cost issues. So brands put their focus on the software component. Indeed, the software allows the driver to customize and exploit the best performance, which gives the car a good reputation for having a good sensation while driving.

If a vehicle that can guarantee all the four factors, then the car is certainly comprehensive. Of course, this all-around car is only right for people who are perfectionists. For those who use the car just for some specific purposes such as money, speed, mud-resistance, cargo ... the car that has the best "driving experience" must come with a reasonable price tag as well.

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