3 steps to choose the best iPhone XS Max car mount


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Technology is an important thing to consider when it comes to choosing an iPhone XS Max car mount.

It is incontrovertible that iPhone XS Max is not for the poor but more and more people have been saving up to have this dream gadget. Then, when it becomes the property of its owner, he has to make sure how to best make use of it. Having an iPhone XS Max car mounts is an essential demand for people who drive a car so in our today’s article, Naijauto.com will help you how to choose the best one.

iPhone XS Max car mount

3 steps to make the best iPhone XS Max car mount purchase

1. Questions to ask

Sure, before making any deal, it is a must to list down questions to ask yourself if you ever want a smart purchase. In his book How to save an hour every day, Micheal Heppell emphasizes the importance of making a list or at least form in your head things you will buy before any shopping, which will help reduce the time in the supermarket as well as clinging onto the certain items instead of overspending. So what are the questions for yourself? Consult our list below:

  • Which features are your must-haves? Dual mounting? Wireless capabilities?
  • Should I prioritize its durability or technology?
  • Which price range will I go for?

someone holding the iPhone XS Max

Technology is an important thing to consider when it comes to choosing an iPhone XS Max car mount

2. Technology that matters

With a medley of companies joining the car mount making industry, the growing demand for better features is inevitable. But do we really need those improvements? Ask yourself if you really need air vents, wireless charging, or more advanced features the market is ready to offer in future.

Some technology in iPhone XS Max car mount has been providing features that we’ve never expected to have in this kind of product such as warning apps that deliver assistance such as low battery alert and wireless updates.

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3. Warranty to help reduce the cost

Those technology features above along with the warranty span significantly affects the price of an iPhone XS Max car mount. Some may even cost up to $80 (~N30,000).

But with this price, your car mount is in safe hand, offering:

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Accidental loss/Damage
  • Rapid Response Rate
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Full replacement coverage
  • 3 months to two years in duration

To recap, to get the best iPhone XS Max car mount, follow closely these 3 steps for excellent market research:

  • First, list down questions to ask yourself.
  • Second, choose the technology features essential for your device and vehicle.
  • Last, choose the warranty, which is important to let down the cost of your purchase.

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