3 reasons why you should buy a used Hyundai IX35


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If you are seeking a used SUV for your family, do take a look at a Hyundai IX35.

Are you a first-time car buyer and interesting in a used SUV? A mid-size SUV, Hyundai IX35 is a good choice for you.

The following is the reasons why the used Hyundai IX35 is highly appreciated. 

1. The five-year warranty

Hyundai IX35 receives a 5-year warranty. If you are a lucky buyer, you could buy a Hyundai IX35 which has been used for less than 5 years from its first owner or an accredited franchise dealer. That means you could enjoy the warranty until five year expires. What’s more, Hyundai doesn’t limit the upper mileage of its IX35. What a good deal!

Hyundai IX35 car

Hyundai IX35 receives a 5-year warranty

2. Equipment and auto safety

Hyundai IX35 is the right horse for those who care about car equipment and its safety. Even though the manufacturer stopped producing the car years ago, it is still appreciated as a favourite family car due to its safety. The SUV garnered five stars at the Euro NCAP crash test because of its safety features which include anti-lock brakes electronic stability control, a roster of airbags, tire-pressure monitoring, traction control and a system stopping a swaying trailer from jack-knifing.

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3. Impressive style

The Hyundai IX35 boasts not only practical but also impressive style. A clean Hyundai IX35 still can match its fresher rivals.

Hyundai ix35 (2009-2015) buying advice

However, the Hyundai IX35 doesn’t come with a full-time FWD (four-wheel-drive) which is its disadvantage. In normal condition, the car’s front axle receives 100% of its power. In poor road condition like a slippery road leading to the lack of traction at the front, the car sends 50% of the power to its rear wheels.

In conclusion, which second-hand car is the best choice to own now? That depends on your favour. Please remember that it is very dangerous to buy a used car without any knowledge of its source. Make sure you get full information of the car you would like to purchase before deciding to buy it.

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