I review 3 best muscle cars which are best for road conditions in Nigeria


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Read through a quick review of three main modern American muscle cars that are Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro, and Dodge Challenger see what is the best to drive in Nigeria.

Muscle car! What is a muscle car? Please cancel the image of that 2007 Toyota Camry from your mind. A muscle car is an American style of 2/4 door performance cars that were built for straight-line speed and their exterior body design has clearly drawn out edges that make them feel muscular.

The traditional muscle cars were the Camaros, Chevelles, Chargers, Plymouths, Barracudas and the GTOs.


Muscle cars truly feel muscular

Most of these cars used to carry big-block V8 engines ready to destroy the straights and always featured a deep and rough sounding exhaust note.

The world of cars is in deep confusion about the muscle cars we have these days because most of them originated as pony cars which were like muscle cars that were smaller and more stylish. You can inmagine they were like muscle cars with fewer muscles.

The Ford Mustang started this era of making traditional muscle cars to be stylish. Fast forward to today where we have three strong contenders in this muscle/pony car category namely: the Dodge Challenger, the Ford Mustang and the Chevrolet Camaro.

For the purpose of today, we would refer to these three cars as muscle cars until there can be a new generic name for them.


Muscle cars often have low ground clearance that make it hard to drive in Nigeria

So which is the best of the trio for a Nigerian that wants to have an American muscle cars in Nigeria? The three cars are very unique in appearance so I would go one after the other pointing out each car in details relating to Nigeria and I am starting with the Ford Mustang.

Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang is a snakehead shaped muscle car at the front with just 2 doors.

This muscle car has a very unique shape and this shape makes the performance versions of the car have a problem with matching the handling to its acceleration which causes the car to crash while in motion.

If you surf the internet, you would discover that the Ford Mustang has had the highest number of crashes not just for a muscle car but for a car in general.

The new-generation Ford Mustang offers an eco-boost engine in 4 cylinder which is the first of its kind that makes this car have the best economy amongst the trio.


The biggest issue from the Mustang is the handling at high speeds

A muscle car with a performance 4-cylinder engine and a performance exhaust is a big reason to buy the Ford Mustang.

The largest engine on the Ford Mustang is a V8 and it is very weird that there is no V6 engine available on the new-generation Ford Mustang.

The interior of the Mustang is not just there, it looks stylish pre-equipped with a B & O sound system. The infotainment on the Mustang is very user-friendly. 


The best interior among the trio

The interior space is not all that comfortable in fact, the back-row seat is only comfortable for children. It has good outward visibility and also has a ground clearance that makes it possible to roll on bad Nigerian roads even though the car is still close to the ground when compared to regular sedans.

And with the Mustang, you get a convertible body style.

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Chevrolet Camaro

Now, let us talk about the Chevrolet Camaro. It is the sleekest looking amongst the trio.

Chevrolet has managed to carve out a very unique and appealing design for their new generation of Camaros. It has a squinting eye type of headlight merged onto a very thin grille and on the rear, it looks super sporty.


It has the lowest ground clearance in the three muscle cars

The Camaro is the reason people that didn't like the traditional muscle car fell in love with muscle cars.

A lot of traditional muscle car lovers feel Camaro is derailing from what a muscle car should be just because of the curves this car has, however, the Camaro suffers from interior space and comfort. I was in the 2018 Camaro some months ago and I had to get down and enter another car.

It really cramped me up because I was carrying camera gears. It is a car that tall people shouldn't dare to drive and because of the way the car is styled, the A and B pillars makes the car have very poor outward visibility.

The rear seat is very tight and even children won't comfortably fit in, trust me. This car should have been modelled as a 2-seater only because the rear seat is kind of useless and you would tell from the small quarter glass on it.


It is the tight interior that prevents muscle car love from buying this car

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The Camaro has the best handling of the trio and you should know that handling is a weakness for muscle cars but the Camaro manages to have good handling and you have an option of a convertible body styling.

The Camaro is the closest to the ground amongst the three. You also get a  4-cylinder engine option than a V6 and a V8 which is the most powerful.

The Camaro is just very close to a sports car in every way. The interior of the Camaro looks very advanced featuring Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and a wifi hotspot connectivity function. 


The compensation for interior room is the features going along

Dodge Challenger

Lastly, the Dodge Challenger! The fact that I have been saving up for a Dodge Challenger doesn't make it the perfect American muscle car in my own opinion. It is just an unexplainable love that exists between myself and the Dodge Challenger.

The present generation Challenger has 16 different trims to pick from and among the trio, it offers the option of a V8 that was once the fastest road-legal car in the world in 2018.

The Challenger has no 4-cylinder option, it is a go-hard-or-go-home car. 


It is really impressive to know that the current Challenger offers up to 16 trims

The Challenger has a signature double rounded headlight styling on each side of the front grilles and a long bar of taillight that runs throughout the length of the trunk lid.

The shape of this car is something that just makes this car very desiring to its loyal fans.

This car is known to be a fuel guzzler. The interior space of the Challenger is the largest and I remember sitting comfortably at the back seat.


The interior is large but tedious

The outward visibility of the car is also poor and the interior styling is kind of boring and just there. The Dodge Challenger is the closest to a traditional muscle car amongst the trio. Sadly, you don't get a convertible body style with the Challenger.

The Mustang is the best bet of the trio for Nigeria according to comparisons based on economy, interior space, handling and rideability. Check out the sum-up table down below:



Interior Space Handling Rideability in Nigeria

Chevrolet Camaro





 Ford Mustang





Dodge Challenger






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