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Don't be deceived by their similarities or sharing of the showroom. They are very much different from each other in terms of interior design, towing capacity, and body dimension. Read on!

Taking into consideration the availability of 7-slot grille and similarities in packages, the Jeep Cherokee and Jeep Compass for the 2019 model year fit perfectly into a shocking automotive competition under similar automakers for the segment of compact SUVs with little difference between the two. The 2019 Cherokee Jeep, which is larger, gets a new face and other improvements for this year. These changes could be attributed to when the automaker, Jeep brought nameplate back to life about 5 years back. The 2019 Compass in its own world was wholly redesigned from the 2017 model, which seemed non-satisfying enough to car lovers.

Despite their similarities and differences, knowing the better model would require you to check out the comparative review of 2019 Jeep Cherokee and 2019 Jeep Compass here on Naijauto.

1. Jeep Cherokee 2019 & Jeep Compass 2019 matchup – what they share together

It is important to note that these two competitive compact SUVs are under the same automaker and they definitely share similar showroom, yet, they have their peculiar personalities and proportions. Cherokee edges its sibling with a 10-inch longer body size and an additional 3 inches at the middle of its axles. Both models feature similar cabin measurements with 2019 Cherokee offering passenger space up to 103 cubic feet and 28 cubic feet for the cargo area. This is just a little over that of 2019 Compass.

Both models come equipped with 2.4-liter naturally aspirated engine inline-4 with an output of 180 horsepower. You can also get an optional 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-4 engine with an output of 270hp and a V6 3.2-liter with an output of 271 horsepower. For most of the Compass models and all Cherokee, 9-speed automatic transmission is standard. You could also get a 6-speed manual in the Cherokee’s base front-wheel-drive version. The Compass comes with a towing capacity up to 2000 pounds while you get 4500 pounds with the heavy hauler, which the Cherokee is.


Cherokee versus Compass- similar automaker, different personalities

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2. Jeep Cherokee 2019 & Jeep Compass 2019 price comparison

The Cherokee base price comes at $26,785 (~N9.6 million) while the more affordable Compass base price is valued at $23,340 (~N8.4 million). You pay an additional $1,500 (~N540,270) for all-wheel drive on most trims. Depending on your choice, you might also pay $1,595 (~N574,490) for added features such as bundles of active-safety gear and also the sunroof.

To get the Compass High Altitude, you would need to pay up to $37,360 (~N13.5 million) while the Cherokee High Altitude model goes for $41,510 (~N14.9 million).

So, basically, the Jeep Cherokee 2019 all trim levels is more costly than a Jeep Compass 2019, usually N1 million higher in suggested price tag. If you want a brand new unit to be delivered to Nigeria, you will have to pay more for importation tax, clearing cost, and delivery fees.

3. Jeep Cherokee 2019 & Jeep Compass 2019 Road performance

These two cars both feature ground clearance of about 8.0-inch and selectable setting for all-wheel drive. They are both deprived of rear differential lock and hardware for off-roader found on their trailhawk models. Rather, they are both equipped with wheels of 19 inches more suited to commuting.

The Bridgestone dueler tires on Cherokee during road testing were able to accelerate from a standstill of zero to 60mph in 7.2 seconds. The 2019 Compass all-wheel drive offers a combined EPA estimate of fuel efficiency at 25 miles per gallon compared to the 22 mpg in the all-wheel-drive version of the V6 Cherokee model. If you go for the turbo 2-4-liter or turbo 2.0-liter of the Compass model, you would get a better combined EPA estimate at 24 mpg.


2019 Compass promises decent road performance but not as competent as its sibling


The slightly larger 2019 Jeep Cherokee comes at a higher price with the better overall performance 

The presence of 9-speed automatic transmission has a huge say on the two models’ driving experience. On the downside, the 2019 Compass isn’t as satisfying as the Cherokee when it comes to piloting its floppy body control and driving quality, which is quite unrefined.

The stiffness of its chassis is lower to that of Cherokee especially when Cherokee transmits shudders via the steering when it hits a large bump, which makes the steering feel disconnected and light. Truth is the soft suspension and obvious body roll when cornering makes Cherokee feel more composed compared with Compass. You also enjoy a more comfortable and decent ride when behind Cherokee.

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Jeep Cherokee Vs Jeep Compass

4. Jeep Cherokee 2019 & Jeep Compass 2019 Interior design

The intuitive of Fiat Chrysler and its highly responsive 8.4-inch (Uconnect) infotainment system is the foundation used for these two models. The cabin design in the 2019 Cherokee comes with cohesive and upgraded interior accents. You cannot fail but notice the front seats that do not really promise much comfort. So, if you are tall, you should be mindful of the panoramic sunroof (optional), which causes a headroom reduction by 1.5 inches compared to the slight 0.6-inch reduction in that of Compass.

The two Jeeps have similar space for front and rear passengers but Cherokee edges slightly in legroom for rear-seat passengers. You would also get adjustable back seats and ventilated front seats as optional features On Cherokee only.


2019 Jeep Compass seat configuration


The Cherokee tops in interior design but denies its passenger enough headroom in its sunroof version

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Finding a comfortable driving position in Compass could be a bit challenging due to its chunkier ergonomics for primary control and switchgear. There is an absence of any statistical edge big enough when it comes to cargo volumes in these two compact SUVs.


Finding driving position in Compass could be hard due to its chunkier ergonomics for gear shifting and primary control


The 2019 Cherokee interior comes with an improved interior accent and easy access to driving controls

5. Jeep Cherokee 2019 & Jeep Compass 2019 Verdict

Knowing fully well that both models come from the similar automaker with almost similar usable cabin space, they still hold different personalities as whole. For the trailhawk trims, both are really more attractive especially considering the capability added to it. Depending on your budget, both are decent SUVs but you might want to up your game a little bit and go for the Cherokee with a more powerful engine, more attractive interior, higher capacity for towing, and totally better execution.

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Jeep Cherokee

Jeep Compass

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