15 economy cars with excellent driving experience


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Economy does not always mean "monotonous"! With just a few million Naira, you can own a practical compact car with comfortable driving feeling.

Cheap and practical does not mean that these models give their drivers boring sensation.

Economy cars refers to models with low buying and maintenance cost. Because of that, people often associate these models with dull. In fact, not all economical cars are boring, and you can look at 15 names below to understand why we say so.

1. Honda Civic Hatchback

On this day, we can see the name Civic Type R mentioned everywhere with great praises but let's not forget the existence of the Civic Hatchback standard version  Although it could not produce the max speed of 300 horsepower, this car runs fast and boasts vast range of practical uses.

a Honda Civic hatchback

Though not as popular as its counsin Civic type R, it's still a very practical model

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2. Volkswagen Up!

Although this Micro Up model is not available in every market in the world, it deserves to be in this list as you may find it very fun driving this car. A lightweight chassis combined with a short wheelbase is a formula that brings smiles to all customers, regardless of the driving pattern.

Volkswagen Up

 Lightweight chassis combined with a short wheelbase brings smiles to all customers

3. Ford Fiesta

Fiesta is a very impressive and beautiful car. It is also well equipped and can be fitted with Ford's excellent 1.0-liter supercharged 3.0-liter turbocharged engine. And if you have a little extra cash in the bank, you can choose to take the "upgraded" Fiesta ST for less than $22,000 (equivalent to around N8 million).

a Ford Fiesta

Fiesta is a very impressive car with Ford's excellent 3.0L turbocharged engine

4. Kia Rio

The model that was once considered cheap means of transport now becomes a shiny hatchback, with good driving sensation. You will not be disappointed when choosing Kia Rio with the manual gearbox version.

a red Kia Rio

You will not be disappointed when choosing Kia Rio with the gearbox version.

5. Kia Soul

The appearance of the Kia Soul family car may not be suitable for everyone, but it is definitely a car that can hold a lot of people and luggage. A perfect car to do all sort of things.

a Kia Soul

Kia Soul is a perfect car to do all sort of things

6. Chevrolet Spark

This affordable Spark car actually has a great personality. With only 84 horsepower, this is a good car, with enough technology to connect young people. Especiallym, the new 2016 model looks like a hybrid between a Chevrolet SS with a hatchback.

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a Chevrolet Spark

The new 2016 model looks like a hybrid between a Chevrolet SS with a hatchback.

7. Chevrolet Sonic

Chevrolet Sonic is a bit bigger than the tiny Spark, but that does not make it worse. It is another interesting compact hatchback from the Chevrolet brand, and you can choose the RS version with a supercharged engine for less than N8 million.

a Chevrolet Sonic

Another intriguing compact hatchback from the Chevrolet brand

8. Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen Golf is a great car with the finest interior fittings in its segment. And with a boost to the GTI, you'll have a very reliable high-performance car for a modest amount of investment.

a Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen Golf GTI version reveals great on road performance

9. Mazda3

Mazda3 is one of the nicest models and is best equipped in the cheap segment. Plus, it's one of the most exciting models in low price range. Mazda 3 is truly a good choice for those who are not yet well-off.

a red Mazda3 running

Mazda3 is one of the nicest models and best equipped in the cheap segment

10. Honda Fit

To offer a surprisingly interesting ride, Fit is well equipped and has a great gearbox. Even better, you can bring it home with just under $7 million.

a Honda Fit

 Fit is well equipped and has a great gearbox

11. Fiat 500

While the standard version is frequently praised by many drivers, it is best to choose the 500 version. Basically, it is like a car using Abarth dynamic system in the European market.

a Fiat 500

Fiat 500 is the combination of Abarth dynamic system and Europe-spec dimensions

12. Jeep Renegade

Want the engine from the Abarth 500 but want to carry more people? Jeep Renegade is the right answer. The car can also be upgraded to a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine but it will lose the manual gearbox option and receive the Trail Rated badge instead.

a Jeep Renegade

Jeep Renegade has roomy interior and high performance

13. Scion iA

It looks like a fish, but underneath the Scion iA is actually a Mazda2. It's also a great alternative, especially for customers who do not have access to the Mazda2.

a Scion iA

The fish-like appearance of Scion iA

14. Hyundai Veloster

Veloster is a small sports car with a pretty eye-catching look. And if you have the extra cash left, you can choose the high-performance version of N for a speed that matches its appearance. 

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a Hyundai Veloster

The color helps Veloster stand out and attract all attention

15. BMW i3

The BMW i3 is the most expensive car on the list, but it's totally reasonable why it appears here. The power transmission system and carbon fiber structure make it the car of future era. It's really a car worth-watching, at least until a new version comes out.

a blue Bmw i3

BMW i3 is worth-anticipating though the new version hasn't come out yet

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