10 things to never say to a car salesman (Part 2)


Posted by: Hassana Obi

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Continue to find out what you should avoid telling a car salesman.

In the previous article, Naijauto.com  introduced 5 things you should never say to a car dealer. Today, we’re going to continue presenting the rest of that list. Check it out now!

How to Negotiate When Buying a Car

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6. “I know my trade-in/swap is not worth much...”

Even if the car you take to the dealer to trade in or swap is no more than a clunker, never tell salespeople that it is not worth much. Rather, let them determine the trade-in price of your car during the purchase process. It’s better to have a general idea of what you have brought here by consulting different automotive websites so you won't be shocked to know that your 1982 Ford Crown Victoria with 175,000 miles, no back seats, and mismatched fenders are worth next to nothing. To the dealer’s eyes, however, it might be worth more.

a Ford Crown Victoria 1982 angular front

Your old 1982 Ford Crown Victoria appears to be worth next to nothing but the salesman might not think so

7. “This is my first car purchase.”

It is inadvisable to say those words as they will place you at a disadvantage when it comes to how much upselling and pressures you can withstand. Therefore, stay neutral again and raise relevant, astute questions about the car you intend to buy then see how it goes.

8. “All car dealers are tricksters, and I don’t want to be ripped off.”

Just keep this to yourself, do not say it out loud. In fact, most dealerships and sales staff are not shysters, so don’t treat them rudely. Be polite, ask questions about the vehicles as well as learn what motivates the salesman in order to get the best deal.

car salesperson and car buyers

Be polite, have questions of the vehicles as well as learning what motivates the salesman to get the best deal

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9. “I need a monthly payment under …”

The monthly installment payment is a valid car-purchasing equation. The salesman can provide you with a monthly payment and simultaneously earn profit by other means like an underestimated trade-in value or the total number of payments. Hence, before setting your foot on a car dealer, make up your mind what you can afford with your monthly budget together with your trade-in value (as mentioned above). Never promise or commit to an amount that is too stiff monthly.

car monthly payment

Before setting your foot on a car dealer, make up your mind what you can well afford with your monthly budget

10. “My credit is not that good.”

If you admit this, you are certainly at a distinct disadvantage. If your credit rating is poor, you had better look for the best rate from banks or credit unions before going to the dealership. In case you have no choice other than financing through the dealer, thoroughly consider loan details, notably the final purchase price and the number of years. As the dealer will receive a certain commission if customers finance through their lender, they’ll try to take the highest interest rate from you. So it’s important to know your credit rating beforehand and get your financing set up to have a fair deal.

a car and a calculator

If your credit rating is poor, you had better look for the best rate from banks or credit unions before going to the dealership

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Hassana Obi

Hassana Obi

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