10 pieces of advice for first-time car buyers


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Find your dream car with 10 expert steps

Buying a first car is no longer a nightmare with the following insightful instructions from Naij auto. Following these 10 steps to find the car that best satisfies your needs.

1. Understand your needs

Reviewing your motivation for buying a new car and set out what are you going to do with it. For instant, if your job requires a lot of travel, you might want a highly fuel-economic car.

2. Research and research

machine searching

Make sure you know all the available choices

Explore all the options available over the market. A car either new or second-hand is quite a significant investment so make sure you won’t make a poorly informed mistake.

3. Affordability

This means more than the monthly installment payments for your car including fuel costs, insurance, and maintenance. One of the smart choices for first-time buyers is the fresh release Nissan Micra Active which comes with a best-in-class 3 year/90,000 km service schedule and a 6-year/150,000km warranty.

4. Interest rate fluctuations

interest rate trend

Interest rate might change over time

Don’t forget interest rate fluctuates during your payment period which might take from 3 to 6 years, so prepare your budget for such hidden extras.

5. Insurance costs

Insurance payments might come unexpectedly high for first-time buyers so make sure to get quotes from different suppliers and carefully review the final details, as it is important that you are comprehensively covered.

6. Safety

safe driving sign

Safety first applies to many cases

It is hard, especially for youngsters, to turn away from cool optional extras which often be attained at the expense of safety, but don’t be. Safety should top the priority list when buying a drive. Consider the new Nissan Micra Active who is equipped with a bunch of safety features that are essential for a first car, such as Electronic Brakeforce Distribution with Brake Assist, Antilock Braking System and two airbags.

7. Parts costs

car parts

Parts might cost more than you expected

Way too often, cars that are attractively priced at the first look turn out to be costly in the long-run because people usually underestimate the parts price. To avoid that situation, do carry out some research and get some idea how much it will cost you for parts once your service plan expires. Take a look at Nissan vehicles, such as the newly released Micra Active which is of very good value thanks to its reasonable priced parts.

8. Resale value

for sale sign

Resale value is something worth considering when buying a car

You may question us on why you should ponder selling your car just as you’re going to buy it, but thinking long-term pay off as you can have a car that holds much of its value over time.

9. Significant features

It goes without saying that safety functions are among the first things to consider when buying a car, but being extra careful is a good idea. Take a look at these very good safety features that are incorporated in the new Micra Active such as ISOfix child seat anchorage in the second row, remote central locking, speed sensitive auto door locks and an immobilizer.

10. Your identity

Once all the most important have been considered, now you can think about some fancier things. Choose a car that offers longer warranties for accessories and the like to add even more value to your purchase.

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