10 brands that dominate the used car market in Nigeria


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Below are 10 popular brands that attract most buyers in Tokunbo car markets. Come and see why they're deeply loved by Nigerians.

Remember 20 years ago when cars were considered luxurious goods, but now they're not anymore. With the living standard of Nigerians growing every year, having a car is just a matter of decision. We now drive a car not because it gives us a higher social status, but of all the benefits it brings about. We can get out on the road regardless of the weather because the car covers us from head to toe, this is even more true with families. We can drive our wife to work, drop our kids at their school and go shopping in just one trip. What's more, you don't have to rely on public transportation or rented cars anymore, you have the initiative now.

Having said that, buying a car is still very different from buying, say, a bike or a washing machine. Since people choose cars because of their practicality, not outlook, Tokunbo (foreign used cars) are one of the options that come to their mind when choosing a car. We gathered here the list of 10 best Tokunbo for you to decide.

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10. Ford

Ranked 10th in the Nigeria favor list and 5th worldwide, this American brand has made billions selling their cars. Its beautiful bodywork coupled with excellent functionality makes it the 10th most wanted car in the Tokunbo market. In the meantime, Naijauto.com has a wide range of used Ford vehicles for you, all in good condition and with reasonable prices. If you are yet to decide which Ford model to go for, take a look at Ford Focus - a compact car that is both reliable and attractive-looking.

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A Ford car running

This American car ended up in the 10th position among the most popular used cars

9. Land Rover

This is a very special type of SUV. It looks magnificent when you drive it on a regular basis, with minimalist style design, but also very tenacious when you drive it on the muddy route. It might seem greedy to look for a car that is both stunning and can also be able to top any off-road challenges. But Land Rover is just here for you, modest and totally practical! You can find used Land Rover cars on sales here.

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a red Land rover car

Don't let its minimalist design fools you, it's extremely durable and often used in off-road races

8. BMW

Another special car. This stands in a middle-range segment where it's not a luxury car nor a regular one, more like a sports car. Which gives it the edge over other brands since it can satisfy a wide range of customers. Its ergonomic design can hardly be complained about, though the replacement and fixing cost is not really comfortable. But we think it's still reasonable to buy a tokunbo BMW, given the experience it brings to the owner. You can read our BMW X4, X5 & X6 price list to keep up with latest price changes.

7. Volkswagen

When we mention the name Volkswagen, most of us immediately think of the famous Beetle. In a way, it's good for a brand to have a flagship product but it's actually unfair to other products since all of them are equally good. Products of Volks have long been known for their smooth driving experience and impressive performance regardless of small sizes. Because of that, many Nigerians have devoted their hearts to the brand.

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a white Volkswagen car

Volkswagen's reputation does not solely depend on the Beetle 

6. Nissan

This is the brand from the humble country of Japan and that alone should tell you something about this car. Not possessing that flamboyant, luxurious kind of appearance, Japanese car manufacturers focus solely on their functionality and especially durability, which is probably why some people still drive their Nissan to pass it 10th years. Most of the previous owners got rid of the car simply because they want to upgrade to a more attractive version. In other words, Nissan is one of the safest bet you can make when choosing a Tokunbo, and it's also relatively cheap.

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5. Mercedes Benz

There's nothing much to complain about the mechanical work of the Germans, really. The engine technology from Mercedez even got favored by some of the most famous reputable brands in the auto industry. Nothing says professional and elegant like a Mercedez. If your heart is all for Mercedez, we suggest a Mercedes Benz C300 for minimum financial burden with maximum classiness.

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a Mercedes Benz car

Equipped with one of the most delicate engines in the world, Mercedes is the 5th loved brand in Nigeria's old cars market 

4. Hyundai

This is amongst the brands that are present in Nigeria's market since the dawn of time and most of Nigerian's consumers are probably familiar with this brand. In a sense, their knowledge about the Nigerian market translates to their final products, with an ergonomic and comfortable design. If Hyundai is your choice, we suggest you go for Hyundai Sonata, a family sedan that expresses efficient and unique gaze that seduce from busy businessmen to well-off officials. 

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3. Kia

This is the second Korean name appeared in this list. A Kia is your ideal choice with most daily usages such as taking the kids to school, driving your wife to the supermarket or drive your family to a countryside area for the vacation. Though you can't expect the same effect on others when you say the name of this brand, its efficient fuel economy, flexibility, and comfort level trump that. In addition, when you look at its bargain price, I bet that you couldn't help but scream inside your head "This thing is a steal!"

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a KIA car

Its ridiculously low price coupled with its functionality land KIA in the 3rd position 

2. Honda

The second Japanese on the list apart from the Nissan and it also came second in the list. Honda is equally as effective, durable and also very comfortable as any other brand or even more. Similar to any car that originated in Japan, you would probably get bored with the vehicle before it shows any sign of wearing out. With this brand, we recommend a sub-company of it, Acura and its Acura MDX. Together with the Honda Civic, they have dominated and will continue to dominate the Nigerian market for years to come.

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1. Toyota

As mentioned in some previous articles, this shouldn't be a surprise for you. Toyota is well-known for creating comfortable and extremely durable vehicle at a price that virtually no one can say no to. There is an exaggeration that if you see a Toyota in the old car market, no matter how long they've been around, they will still be around 10 more years.

a Toyota

Toyota has long been the most loved brand, not only in Nigeria but all over the world

As if being the best in the new vehicle market is not enough, Toyota remains at top 1 even in the Tokunbo market. If potential customers want a Honda but with a touch of luxury, considering picking one from a subsidiary of Toyota, the Lexus. Its market range is pretty wide and can be able to satisfy even the fastidious customer.

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