5 things you're not gonna like about hybrid cars


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Remember to ask for these 5 factors when bargaining a hybrid car with the seller. It may change the price or even your intention!

You might have heard of hybrid cars for once and all the fuss about it. A typical selling pitch for the car would go on and on about how it could save you huge spending on fuel since it switches to using electricity when the car is running slowly or when you're stuck in a bumper-to-bumper traffic in a crowded city like Lagos. To be clear, all of these above are true, but there's a catch. Despite the benefit it offers, it also brings about many troubles to you. Scroll down to check out five of them.

1. The initial cost

It is common knowledge that hybrid cars are generally more expensive than other models of the same segment or the same horsepower. So it might save you some money in the long run, the initial cost will probably leave a significant hole in your pocket.

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A blue Toyota Prius running on the road

Toyota Prius is one of the most popular hybrid models in international markets

2. The running cost

Though it automatically switches to electric when driving at a slower pace, the main operating cost lies in its component. A battery of a hybrid car would cost somewhere between 300 thousand and 400 thousand Nairas, so you may smile when finally get a hybrid but probably cry when have to replace its battery.

How often do you need to replace batteries in hybrid cars?

3. Risk of electrocution

Since many parts of the car are powered by high power electricity, when they are exposed, you might get seriously electrocuted. So instead of just worrying about the danger outside your vehicle, now you have to look out for open wires inside the car too.

4. Extreme vulnerability to flood

In a hot climate country like Nigeria, with constant raining and even floodings, an electric car would not be an ideal choice. If you're really lucky and did not encounter any accident ever and the bodywork of your car might be unscratched, and therefore it is protected against water. But when it has to travel to flooded areas frequently, the electrical circuits inside might get short-circuited and die off. In the worst case scenario, you could be electrocuted, seriously.

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5. Compromised horsepower

As a rule of thumb, it is impossible to get an engine that is both fuel and performance efficient (and also cheap!). To compensate for its higher fuel efficiency, it is understandable that a hybrid engine would have to produce much less horsepower. So speed enthusiasts would rather choose a car with higher speed, much lower maintenance cost and also sportier.

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