5 reasons why you should get an electric car right now


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The future is here, don't get left behind, get yourself an electric car ASAP!

Electric vehicles have been on the market for a relatively long time, but it's still not very appealing to the general public. Part of the reasons is the huge initial cost required and secondly, it's the cost to maintain it. An average battery for an electric car is somewhere around 300,000 Nairas at this moment. In this article, we would not speak highly of electrical but instead, lay out some upsides that might be clouded by its high cost.

1. Noise and heat reduction

Other drivers on the road would love you, dearly and truly. An electric vehicle would produce little to no heat since it doesn't operate by the combustion process, so bikers would feel absolutely nothing when parking near you. Also, it doesn't have cylinders so there would be virtually no engine noise generated.

Peugeot electric car running on road

Electric car is the solution to air and noise pollution

2. Less environmental pollution

The word "electric" is kind of self-explanatory here. Since it doesn't have a combustion engine, thus there's no burning process happening to release greenhouse gas to the environment around. Electric vehicle manufacturers even take it to the next level by installing charging stations that operate by solar power. So 90% percent of the process involved in the producing and operating the car cause no harm to the environment.

3. More efficiency

With general vehicles, the amount of time you spend at the fuel station is much longer than you'd think. Electric cars don't have that kind of problem since its charging station charge the whole different battery, meaning you'd pick up a whole battery from the charging station and leave yours there for other cars to use. Just brilliant!

4. Long-run financial benefit

Even though the down payment might be higher than those in the same segments, an electric vehicle would actually save you much more money in the long run because of the operating cost. Generally speaking, the money you spend on electricity would be much lower than the fuel money.

How much can you save if driving an electric car?

5. Minimal maintenance

No car is perfect, but an electric car is pretty close. Trust me, an electric car would keep you so far away from your favorite auto service that you'd probably couldn't recognize your favorite mechanic the next time you see him. Indeed, with fewer parts to maintain and much less heat to endure, an electric car is a dream come true for those who don't have that much time to waste on car shop's lounge chair.

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