4 easy ways to differentiate between a gasoline and a petrol vehicle


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How to tell a petrol vehicle from a gasoline one is not that difficult. Click for the 4 obvious signs!

The ability to distinguish between a petrol car and a diesel one is not a super-duper complicating thing, but still a challenge for some. Though nowadays, petrol vehicles are prevalent in the street of Nigeria, it's still good to know how to differentiate between the two types. Naijauto.com has gathered here 4 ways to do just that and hopefully, you could be able to tell a diesel from a petrol car after reading our articles.

1. The fuel cap

This should be the most obvious one since all you have to do is looking at the text imprinted on the fuel cap. There are only 2 types of text, "Diesel only" and "Gasoline only," and you know what to infer.

the fuel cap of a car

Just look at the name of the caps and read with your own eyes

2. The sounds

Generally speaking, a vehicle powered by petrol would produce much less sounds than a diesel one due to the difference in its engine. If you can't imagine what a diesel sounds like because there's none in your neighborhood, you could think of a tractor. It produces a rather unsettling noise even when it's not moving and the noise gets louder and more annoying as the engine revs. 

a petrol engine and a gasoline engine

The sound of the diesel cars are pretty distinctive, especially the old models

That's for the old and discontinued models. Recent diesel models have significantly reduced the problem, so we would need more than this one tip.

3. The name

There are some models that only come with either diesel engine or gasoline, and you should be able to look this information up in the manufacturer's website or anywhere on Google. Another way to tell the type of a car is by seeing the letter in its name. More often than not, the vehicles that run on Diesel will have the letter "D" in its name, namely BMW 320d or Lexus 220d.

A Lexus 220d car

Look closer then you can see "d" mark in its model name!

4. A quick look at the engine

There is one particularly interesting thing about the Diesel engine. Unlike the gasoline-power engine, the one that uses diesel doesn't need a spark plug. Yes, you heard that right. This is due to the special design that compresses the diesel and air to the point that it could be ignited on its own without the help of a spark.

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