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Hi! Do you need different Azura ZDX car options available for sale in Nigeria? Then Naijauto is the right place to be, as it is the leading auto platform in Nigeria. This page aims at showing you different Acura ZDX for sale, together with a handful of information you will need to help you decide to buy an Acura ZDX in Nigeria including a review on the vehicle, some of its most popular model years and their prices as well as the trusted locations to buy and sell used Acura ZDX for sale.

Acura ZDX for sale in Nigeria: Is it a good car?

The Honda automobile company is the manufacturer of this Acura ZDX, produced under its luxury name, Acura. In its attempt to cut cost yet manage efficiency, the Honda company removed the collision mitigation braking system, adaptive cruise control and integrated dynamics system embedded in 2011 Acura ZDX and 2012 Acura ZDX. It was replaced with a forward collision warning, lane departure warning, and wheel dark accents in the model. Though in a single trim level, the Acura ZDX features a stunning V6 engine coupled with automatic transmission.

The Acura ZDX competes against the Range Rover Evoque, which comes with similar features, more decent fuel mileage and a more aggressive price. Another rival of the Acura ZDX is the BMW 5-Series Gran Turismo, which is much more practical.

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Acura ZDX Front-Side View

Acura ZDX: Versions & Fuel Economy

You may refer to the table below to check the fuel consumption and market value of the single trim level of the Acura ZDX.


Version Name

Fuel Consumption

Brand New Price 


Acura ZDX 

17 - 22 MPG

7000000 - 10000000

Acura ZDX Interior and Exterior

Acura ZDX Interior

The standard interior amenities for the Acura ZDX logically arranged controls, wide and comfortable front seats, carpeted plastic panels, extensive underfloor storage, power-adjustable driver seats, and premium audio systems.

Acura ZDX Dashboard

Acura ZDX Exterior

The outer body of the Acura ZDX remains unchanged compared to the 2011 and 2012 version. However, the noticeable changes are the new headlights and fog lights, roof racks, wind deflectors and an overall appealing exterior aesthetics that keep onlooker’s heads turning. The Acura ZDX measures 4,887 mm in length, 1,994 mm in width, 1,595 mm in height with a 2,751 mm wheelbase.

Acura ZDX Pros and Cons

Despite the discontinuation in production after just three models, the benefits and challenges of the Acura ZDX model must be mentioned. Check the list below.


  • Great exterior design
  • Luxurious interior
  • High tech features


  • Cramped backseat
  • The V6 engine is not impressive

Acura ZDX Price in Nigeria

How much is Acura ZDX in Nigeria? The price of Acura ZDX in Nigeria ranges from ₦3,400,000 to ₦13,500,000. The prices for some of the most popular model years of the used Acura ZDX for sale in Nigeria are listed below.


Brand Model Year

 Tokunbo Prices

Nigerian-used prices


Acura ZDX 2010

₦6,000,000 - ₦12,500,000

₦3,400,000 - ₦6,650,000 A leading platform to buy and sell Acura ZDX for sale online

If you are looking to buy an Acura ZDX for sale in Nigeria, then ensure you go through the safety tips for buying cars online compiled for you on Naijauto before making any transaction. Our website also has a cars for sale section which offers numerous cheap Acura ZDX for sale across Nigeria. Regardless of whatever you want, Acura ZDX for sale in Abuja, Lagos or any other cities in Nigeria, our website can satisfy your demands.

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You can also get access to up-to-date news, tips and reviews as regards the Nigerian auto industry.

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