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Customers buy a Business Pro package
Flexible advertising package. Cost savings, staff always support. Information about the car and the automotive market is very good and useful. Hopefully Naijauto will develop in the future
Customers buy a Business Pro package
The process of posting ads is very fast, saving a lot of time. Moreover, the price of the advertising package is very affordable, enthusiastic consultants. Hopefully you will get more service from Naijauto
Lucky Nnamdi
Customers buy a Business Pro package
I have been using Naijauto's VIP package for almost 2 years. Most of our potential customers have seen ads on Naijauto. Besides, customer service is also very good.

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Selling cars more quickly

- Provide sellers with potential customers' information.

- Set up meetings for sellers and buyers.

Approach 1 million buyers in Nigeria

- Use different channels to promote sellers' listings (Facebook, Instagram, & Pinterest.)

- Reach out the right audience (Preferred locations)

Better customer service

- Flexible package & easy payment/ transaction

- continues to expand the provision of services to our buyers and sellers

Frequently asked questions

How do I post my car ads on

You can post your car listings for free on by clicking the Sell my car button on the upper right corner of the page.
If you want your listings to get featured and reach more potential customers, our advice is to purchase's Package at here

Do I have to pay fees to contact the seller on

Completely free. All you have to do is visit, go to the "Cars for sale" section, then choose your desired car and click the "Call" or " Make an offer" button to contact the seller!

How do I work with to create a marketing campaign?

We can conduct online media campaigns for brands and agencies with our experienced Experts, and Content & Digital teams. Kindly send mails to to contact immediately.

How can I upload videos of my cars to

You can upload your video to youtube then copy Youtube link to Video part when you post listings on Naijauto.